Pulling the Shades: Color Chart

window curtainCurtains

Colors that Harmonize with the Basic Color of Your Garment

Basic Color – Pale             Secondary Color

White……………………………Black & all the dark and bright shades

Pale beige……………………….Black, browns, reds, greens

Pale gray………………………..Browns, dark greens, dark gray, red

Sky blue…………………………Browns, dark greens, raspberry, purple, beige, dark gray

Pink………………………………Beige, purple, navy, gray

Pale yellow……………………..Black, navy, brown, gray

Mauve……………………………Plum, brown, navy

Pale green………………………Dark green, red Continue reading “Pulling the Shades: Color Chart”

Finding Your True Self

Mountain sunset

The following thoughts on the true self are found on DeepakChopra.com

Reconnecting to Your True Self

More often than not, we’re distracted and overstimulated by media and mobile devices. And while we’re trying to do and have it all, we can easily end up time-starved, overworked and anxiety-ridden instead of being centered or at ease.

It’s in the midst of all this busyness that we fail to recognize that the biggest missing piece to creating what we want in life is the space in which to do it.

 Knowing Your True Self


Dr Chopra,
I see how my beliefs, reactions, fears have been developed/created/molded from past relationships. How do I get to know who IS My True Self?
In advance, thank you.


Knowing your true self comes from direct experience. You need to begin a meditation practice that takes you beyond your thoughts, feelings to the source of your being. That is your true self.


True Self


Hi Deepak I have been thinking a lot about ‘my core self’ or ‘true self’ recently. Who is the me that dreams when I am asleep. And is the me that dreams when I sleep the self that continues after death? Is the me that dreams my true self?


The presence of consciousness that is there when you dream, is the same consciousness that is there when you are asleep and awake. But it is not your core self that is dreaming, nor does the core self think when you are awake. Those are mental activities associated with the conditioned and personal self. That core self is the background unconditioned awareness that is always present whether we are fully conscious of it yet or not. That is your true self that persists regardless of whether you are awake, asleep or dreaming; whether you are embodied or not.


10 Ways to Dress for Day to Evening in Winter

bridge day to evening

To go from day to night, the simplest thing to do is to carry evening accessories with you.  Include special jewelry, a clutch and evening shoes.  Intensify your makeup and you’re done!

For winter, velvet, leather and embellished pieces go easily from day to evening.  A sparkly scarf works all day as well, and adds a little warmth, too.

Blk&Silver Day2Eve

Black with Silver Accents

Black is a classic for both day and night, but you can use any other colors including browns.  Red  is festive and sexy; it can spark up any outfit for evening.  Gold accessories are always classy.

Here are some winter outfit suggestions that can bridge from day to evening without going home to change.  Use what you have and substitute as needed: Continue reading “10 Ways to Dress for Day to Evening in Winter”

12 Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

OTK boots for winter

When it’s cold outside, one way to stay warm is by wearing over-the-knee boots.

I have a pair of flat, tan, over-the-knee (OTK) boots like these:

Like my OTK boots

Women’s Beston Fay 42 @ ShoeBuy.com

These boots are casual and go well with skinny cords or destroyed skinny jeans or light-colored skinny jeans, as well as with plaid shirts.  Other casual OTK boots are those that have flat or low heels and those that are made of suede.

Black  and heeled OTK boots are more common; but no matter what kind you may have, there are basic ways to wear them.  The most common way to wear them is with a short dress or skirt, or with leggings or skinnies and an over-sized top or tunic.

obama in OTK boots

Michelle Obama wearing over-the-knee boots

OTK boots go with:  tea-length, 70’s inspired dresses; sweater dresses; short skirts or dresses; long skirts or dresses with a slit; culottes or cropped pants/jeans; skinnies and an over-sized chunky knit sweater, including open knits; leggings and a tunic or over-sized top; with a kimono jacket and skinnies/leggings; or even with shorts.

OTK boots are good for transitional weather in spring and fall as well. One example would be to wear a short dress or skirt with a slouchy cardigan or jacket with your OTK boots.

Here are some outfit combinations to give you some ideas on how to wear OTK boots: Continue reading “12 Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots”