Introducing Spring 2016 Colors and How to Use Them

Pantone Spring 2016
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Now that Spring is here, it’s time to start wearing brighter, lighter clothes.  If you haven’t already seen the Spring color palette being promoted by Pantone Color Institute, here are the top ten colors:

Pantone Spring 2016 Colors
From Pantone Color Institute

Any of these colors that don’t work for you can go a shade up or down, so that it’s close but suits you better.  Of the colors here that do suit you, go ahead and get them in solids or prints.  Mix and match.

According to test results from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson, my coloring looks best in Spring colors.  So these colors will all look great on me.  But what if your best colors are from Summer, Autumn or Winter palettes?

The usual advice is to buy accessories in colors that are not your best so that they are not right next to your face.  But after comparing the seasonal color palettes, I have come up with an idea about which of these colors can fit each of the other seasonal palettes.  (You’d just have to determine your best season, though.)  Give these a try: Continue reading “Introducing Spring 2016 Colors and How to Use Them”

Nothing to Wear?


One morning, looking for an outfit to wear, I began to reach for a top and scarf that were haphazardly beside each other that happened to match perfectly.  But then I saw another sweater that matched as well.  And then I thought, “Oh, maybe I should stick with my first idea that I had last night…”

I turned around, looked at another pairing and then another, and sighed, “So many possibilities; there’s too much to wear!”  Then I laughed, thinking of the common phrase, “I have nothing  to wear!”

After acquiring the basic wardrobe pieces, all it takes is:

1) imagination, 2) your favorite things, and 3) accessories. Continue reading “Nothing to Wear?”