How To Make Unlikely Proportions Look Amazing


This outfit is really unique.  Not many people who would dare to mix proportions this way; long over long is hard to do right.  But when I stopped to talk to Vivian, I found out that she has a fashion design degree.  So it makes sense that she can create an unlikely mix that works.

What’s great about an oversize t-shirt with a maxi-skirt is that it is super comfortable.  And if the tee is lightweight and sleeveless or has short sleeves, it can be an airy and cool outfit for a warm day. Continue reading “How To Make Unlikely Proportions Look Amazing”

Add Spark to Your Style: Shoes as a Statement Accessory


Shoes can make the outfit

Sometimes, when you see someone on the street who looks exceptionally good, it may not be immediately apparent why that is.  Let’s say she’s wearing a blouse and jeans or black pants.  They are neat and clean, the blouse is a nice color, a simple necklace is added.  So what is special about this picture?

3 m pregnant - Shoes
Girl on the Street

The shoes make it more.  They are not ordinary shoes. They are trendy, open toe, buckled, heeled ankle boots. What makes this particular outfit even better is that the color black flows from the pants to the boots, streamlining the length of her legs, making them look longer. Continue reading “Add Spark to Your Style: Shoes as a Statement Accessory”