How to Make Sweet Potatoes Special with No Sugar Added

Sweet Potatoes and Apples with Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a warmer than usual autumn after a very hot summer. Suddenly, yesterday the cold hit along with wind and sleet.  I’m hoping the winter temperatures will not be arctic quality, and that we will not have to shovel snow in piles up to the rooftops like we did a few years ago!

Let’s be thankful for the beautifully temperate fall season we just enjoyed, with vivid autumn colors up until now.

To help you celebrate Thanksgiving, I am sharing a sweet potato recipe that is healthy as well as delicious.  It is made with pure and simple ingredients, no sugar needed.  It became a tradition in my family for Thanksgiving because my father was hypoglycemic and another family member was diabetic. Continue reading “How to Make Sweet Potatoes Special with No Sugar Added”