How to Easily Chart Out Colorful Outfits

A color chart is a fun tool to use as a starting point when creating outfits.  You can mix colors to your heart’s content to express your true self, or use the chart I have put together for you below.  When using the chart, just choose a piece of clothing in a basic color and see what colors are indicated to go with it.  Color is art, and art is beauty.  You can consider yourself a work of art every day; age doesn’t matter.  Have fun!

Angie Cox of the fashion blog commented after viewing the Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collections, “As far as colours go, I saw it all. Colours seemed to be making a stronger statement than neutrals. From the happiest brights, merriest mid-tones and softest pastels, through to earth tones like mustard, jewel tones like emerald, and greyish mid-tones like mauve, sage green, and air-force blue. They’re remixed in all sorts of combinations, so having a high affinity to colour mixing is in your favour.”

The following chart can help simplify your color choices. Continue reading “How to Easily Chart Out Colorful Outfits”

How to Spring Clean for Beautiful Feet

Spring has sprung — along with the tulips, etc. — and sandal season has begun.  Age doesn’t matter; we all need to free our feet and take care of that hard-working part of our bodies.  Here are some tips on the most effective ways to prepare your feet for the warm season ahead. Continue reading “How to Spring Clean for Beautiful Feet”

40 Easy Ways to Get A Casual Chic Brunch Look

Perfect for Brunch

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and many moms will be taken out to brunch.  It’s a family affair calling for casual comfort, but it’s also a festivity celebrating Mom.  Age doesn’t matter.  Whether your kids are little or all grown up with kids of their own, here are 40 outfit ideas to make you look cool and comfortable.  Besides, you are loved!  Love makes you beautiful.  🙂 Continue reading “40 Easy Ways to Get A Casual Chic Brunch Look”

How to Build a Spring/Summer Time-Tested Survival Wardrobe

Now that you have your winter wardrobe put away for the season (or soon, anyway…), it’s time to make sure you have the basic items you need for your spring and summer wardrobe.  Maybe you already have all or most of them.  I’m not one for paring my clothes down into a capsule wardrobe, but I do believe in having all the basics you’ll need.  Therefore, I’ll provide a list here of what you need to have on hand for the warm seasons to create outfits for every occasion.  Age doesn’t matter because all of these items are classic basics that are essentials that will go with everything else. Continue reading “How to Build a Spring/Summer Time-Tested Survival Wardrobe”

How to Style the Popular Striped Tee 75 Ways

Woman_in_marinière_and_trousers (1)
Striped nautical Breton bodysuit by Castaway Vintage

Stripes are classic and are always in style, but they’re also trending right now.  When it comes to classics, age doesn’t matter.  And when it comes to trends, the old becomes new.

Stripes go with everything, just like leopard print goes with everything and blue jeans go with everything.  That’s probably why striped t-shirts are so popular.  There are so many things that you can do with them, that this blog post has 75 ways to style the striped tee. Continue reading “How to Style the Popular Striped Tee 75 Ways”

It’s Here Now! 50 Shades of Beautiful

Be your true self…age doesn’t matter.

The American fashion industry has slowly and gradually progressed beyond focusing on the stereotypical beauty as only being the blonde-haired, blue-eyed young woman.   After much pressure, they began to include beautiful young women of other ethnicities.  Then the Dove soap company broke another barrier by starting an ad campaign showing normal women as beautiful.

Dove ad
Dove Ad by Unilever

Recently, plus size models, models over 40, models with vitiligo, and all sorts of unique women are being celebrated in the fashion mainstream. A Moscow Fashion Week show just took yet another important step toward inclusivity: It featured models in wheelchairs. And Indonesian Muslim fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan is the first to feature hijabs in every outfit of her collections in New York Fashion Week.

In just two seasons, Hasibuan has successfully made the hijab her trademark, bringing it into the mainstream and saying that “fashion is for everybody….There is beauty in diversity and differences , something we should not be afraid of.”

Creation by Anniesa Hasibuan

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that Glamour magazine has been becoming more progressive in advocating for inclusivity and women’s rights all around.  In February, they published an article “Meet 6 People Pushing to Make Fashion Week More Inclusive” about fashion insiders who are leading the charge.

In the March issue of Glamour, the editor’s note at the beginning of “Imperfection is Where It’s At” by Brit Marling said, “The new rules of beauty are that there are none except for one: be awesome.”

Hmm, I wonder if this is a new hurdle.  I thought my mom was awesome and you probably thought the same about yours, but they didn’t have to do anything more than the most important thing in the world:  love.  Being a kind soul can be the most beautiful thing about you!

Marling at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014 on Wikipedia

Anyway, Marling talks about how “what’s usually considered the flaw is often the loveliest part.”  It reminds me of how Cindy Crawford was advised to get the mole removed from her face when she started modeling.  Luckily she didn’t because it became her signature beauty mark and set her apart from all the other models.

And, finally, in Glamour’s May issue, the editorial is titled “There’s No One Right Age to Be Awesome“.  Editor-in-chief Cindi Leive talks about awesome women from 17 to 71 and beyond inside and out.  Some just look beautiful, and some are doing beautiful things.

The Senior Living Blog featured “22 Inspirational Women Over 60“.  Women who have made major accomplishments after the age of 60 are wonderful role models to remind us that it is never too late to do great things and live life to its fullest.

Now that we know that we are all beautiful in our own ways, we need to also know that we are beautiful on the inside.  Your true self is beautiful, inside and out.  And what’s most beautiful of all is love and kindness.

What do you think about the progress being made in the fashion industry?  How does it impact you or women you know?  Give us your opinions in the comments box below.  Also sign up for e-mails and get future blog articles free on Thursdays and Saturdays.  You can follow YourTrueSelfBlog on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks!  Angie  🙂 


Your Safari Style Survival Kit: 185 Outfit Combinations

leopard dress & boots
Safari Style by Shannon Carr on Flickr

Last week, I posted the article “How to Get the Ultimate Cool and Casual Safari Look.” Today, I am listing 175 outfit combinations in the safari style.  First, I want to give you the elements of this style so that you can substitute and/or embellish the outfit ideas presented below.  Here is a brief recap from my last article, generally describing how to get the look. Continue reading “Your Safari Style Survival Kit: 185 Outfit Combinations”

How Your Friends Make It Easy To Be Healthy: Working on Exercise & Diet

brownies & ic
SpinMeSilly Bakes’ salted caramel brownie with ice cream by Suanie

This is a diary of the healthy lifestyle goals that my son, Chris, and I are making together each month.

Since it takes 21-30 days to develop a new habit, making a goal for the month ahead is an effective strategy.

Chris and I agree that making these monthly goals together and posting our results here for you to see helps us to improve our health.  I’ve always found that if I say out loud to someone what I plan on doing, I’m more likely to do it.  Because if I said I would, I feel responsible to follow through. 

In March, my goal was to go to the gym two or three times a week and cut out all sweets and wine (my downfall!) for a few weeks.  Chris’ goal was to cut down on chips (his downfall!) again because he had been eating the corn chips when going out to the Mexican restaurants he loves. Continue reading “How Your Friends Make It Easy To Be Healthy: Working on Exercise & Diet”

How to Get the Ultimate Cool and Casual Safari Look

RL safari
From the Ralph Lauren Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collecton

I first fell in love with the safari look when I saw it in the Ralph Lauren style guide. He captured the romance of an exotic adventure.  A Ralph Lauren catchword is “global artisan,” a keyword for the kind of style I love.  The other styles that fill my eyes with stars and take my breath away are exotic and bohemian, which fit right in with safari chic.  Age doesn’t matter when the styles are classic!

The urban safari look is timeless, recurring year after year in ever modern variations during the spring and summer months.  The safari theme contrasts masculine and feminine.  Its main idea is the comfort and utility of a safari vacation in the African outback.  Its feminine touches are based on themes of royalty and candlelit dinners in weathered canvas tents.  Overall it has a rustic feel with rich embellishments. Continue reading “How to Get the Ultimate Cool and Casual Safari Look”