How to Look Boho Chic 35 Ways

Boho-chic is my favorite style; it reflects my true self.   You may or may not have known bohemian style when it first began.  Age doesn’t matter.  Bohemian chic is a modern trend.  Just wear what you normally would and add a couple of boho elements to create an updated version of this classic look.  Continue reading “How to Look Boho Chic 35 Ways”

How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase


packing cubes
Packing cubes by En Tsai on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If you’re going out of town for the holiday and need some tips to get everything to fit in your bag (age doesn’t matter, we all face this dilemma), I have a great 10-step process for you!

I just went on a vacation with my husband for our 35th wedding anniversary. I always pack too much “just in case.”  I actually did remove a number of things before packing this time, but it was still a tight fit.  I haven’t even tried the packing cubes yet, but I love how the technique shown below works! Continue reading “How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase”

What Do Your Favorite Colors Say About You?

What do your favorite colors say about you?  Surrounding yourself in your favorite colors brings out your true self…age doesn’t matter.

In “Color Therapy” by Madisyn Taylor” on the Daily Om, she writes that often the colors we like best are the colors we need most in our lives. Continue reading “What Do Your Favorite Colors Say About You?”

The Secrets of How to Live to 100

Flicker (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I don’t know about you, but I want to have lifelong health for at least 100 years or beyond!  There are plenty of role models in this world letting us know that age doesn’t matter; it doesn’t have to stop movement, exploration, learning, beauty, self-expression.  Your true self is love, it’s wisdom, and it doesn’t stop.

With that in mind, I am presenting links to articles and videos on centenarians and how they made it to age 100 or more. Continue reading “The Secrets of How to Live to 100”

How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Products


In regards to your true self, age doesn’t matter.  You are who you are, your spirit is ageless, you can have lifelong health and make the most of what you have.  You just have to use it or you lose it!

But in regards to makeup, it just isn’t made to last.  Red lipstick gets rusty-looking, mascara gets gloppy and dried out, moisturizer turns moldy and smelly.  If you don’t use it, just lose it! Continue reading “How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Products”

How Breakthrough Designers are Launching a Detroit Fashion Week

Fashion Massacre 8 me in the dime store
Me at the Dime Store in the Streets of Old Detroit at the Detroit Historical Museum for the Fashion Massacre

The Fashion Massacre is a an annual fashion presentation based on the idea of having Fashion Week in Detroit.  Age doesn’t matter because the presentation is built upon self-expression and individuality.  The fashion shows focus on emerging designers in the Metro Detroit area.  The purpose is to fuse together a unique showcase of underground fashion and art that will contribute to Detroit’s driving force in the fashion industry.

Since the 1st Fashion Massacre in 2009, Founder Tyna “FANCE” Logan has been offering an atmosphere devoted to creative expression.  By merging the elements of Fashion and Art, she creates a unique experience each time. Continue reading “How Breakthrough Designers are Launching a Detroit Fashion Week”

How to Make Magic with a Statement Necklace

The statement necklace is a magic maker!  An over-the-top necklace will turn any outfit into something special.  Wear one day or night…No matter where you go, no matter what you are wearing, age doesn’t matter…Wearing a statement necklace will just suddenly make you look smashing.

Continue reading “How to Make Magic with a Statement Necklace”

How Your Friends Make It Easy To Be Healthy: Wine & Sweets

Cutting Down on Wine and Sweets

This is a diary of the healthy lifestyle goals that my son, Chris, and I are making together each month.

Since it takes 21-30 days to develop a new habit, making a goal for the month ahead is an effective strategy.

Chris and I agree that making these monthly goals together and posting our results here for you to see helps us to improve our health.  I’ve always found that if I say out loud to someone what I plan on doing, I’m more likely to do it.  Because if I said I would, I feel responsible to follow through. 

Age doesn’t matter.  It’s never too late.  You can always make progress and actually reverse the signs of aging!

In April, my goal was to cut down wine and sweets to every other day.  Chris couldn’t think of a new goal, so he decided to maintain the progress he had already made on his healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “How Your Friends Make It Easy To Be Healthy: Wine & Sweets”