How to Dress at the End of the World

Marco Hoody in the urban nomadic style by Nicholas K

This opening photo of an outfit in the urban nomadic style by designer Nicholas K is a bit more futuristic and not as down and dirty as post-apocalyptic style normally is.  But interpreting styles to make them your own in a modern way according to your tastes is what the fashion game is all about.  This way, age doesn’t matter because you just tweak the look the way you like.  As I give you the elements of the post-apocalyptic look, keep this in mind and enjoy! Continue reading “How to Dress at the End of the World”

How to Heal with the Amazing Energy of Crystals

2018-02-21 16.37.31
Chakra minerals and crystals healing set

My birthday gift from my son this year was a chakra mineral starter set of healing crystals, with a velvet pouch containing the chakra healing stones.  The gift card said, “Mi, Mom! May they bring you abundance and comfort!  From Your Son.”

I was surprised to get this chakra healing set of crystals when I had just posted an article on “How to Use the Amazing Powers of Color.”  This was synchronicity at its best!  In my color post, I included a list of how to heal and correct the chakras by their corresponding colors.

I decided to share my gift with you.  I had already intended to write about crystals, and I will explore the topic more in the future if you like.  I hope that the basic information I am sharing with you here is helpful!

When we “cleanse” our chakras with crystals, we dispel negative energy that is building up inside of us and disturbing our delicate energy balance.  This promotes both emotional and physical self-healing.

Age doesn’t matter.  Throughout history, the wisest healers were those of a venerable age.

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Is It Good To Be “Forever Fierce”?

I belong to an amazing Facebook group called Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution, spearheaded by Catherine Grace O’Connell.  Their first Forever Fierce Day is February 19, 2018.  To celebrate, the group is asking women in midlife and beyond “What does it mean to you to be Forever Fierce in midlife and beyond?”  The group promotes the idea that age doesn’t matter when it comes to women staying “fierce.”

I was surprised to be faced from the start with reactions against the word “fierce.” Continue reading “Is It Good To Be “Forever Fierce”?”

How to Be Warm, Sexy and Edgy in Leather Pants

leather trousers
Faux Leather Stretch Trousers from La Redoute

Faux leather pants are warm, sexy and edgy.  Even if that’s not your style, they balance out when worn with their opposites:  soft, feminine, girly, ladylike, even businesslike.  And they don’t have to be black; there are many other colors available now.  And they don’t have to be skin-tight.  The latest styles of leather pants are loose with drawstrings, gathered like joggers, shaped like culottes or with wide legs.  Because of all of these style options, age doesn’t matter.  Besides, if you’re older and facing imperfections on your legs, it totally covers any problem you might have!

Faux leather pants go well with feminine blouses, corset tops, lace and chiffon.  When the cold weather subsides, you can even wear them with tank tops and crop tops if that’s your thing!  To be extra warm all over, add a sweater such as a cable pullover or a cardigan.

Boots are the go-to footwear for leather pants.  For day, you can wear slip-on sneakers.

Following are outfit ideas using black faux-leather pants and more outfit combinations after that using any color faux-leather pants.  These outfit suggestions range from the transition to Fall to Winter to the transition to Spring (for instance, if you have colored leather or cut-out booties or strappy suede sandals).

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How to Use the Amazing Powers of Color

crystal necklaces
Crystal Necklaces by VetroJewelryDesigns at Etsy

Sometimes when we’re sad or it’s a rainy drab day devoid of color, we dress in bright colors to cheer ourselves up.  We might paint our bedroom blue because it is a calming color that makes it easy to relax.  It’s obvious that colors around us affect how we feel and how we operate.  All through our lives, we can use color to improve how we feel in so many ways.  Age doesn’t matter.  In fact, the more experience we have the more adept we become at using certain colors to our advantage.

Chromotherapy, sometimes called color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy, is an alternative medicine method.  It supports the premises of Chinese, Egyptian and Ayurvedic healing traditions in which color is intrinsic to healing.  Different colors cause different reactions.  For example: Continue reading “How to Use the Amazing Powers of Color”

How to Look Wonderful on Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Love Story Lace Dress & Jacket – from the Pyramid Collection

When you go out on Valentine’s Day and other Fall/Winter dates, you might want to look sexy, romantic, edgy, casual or creatively unique.  I have lots of outfit ideas for you!  Age doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you express your true self.  If you would like some inspiration, read on and create your perfect outfit combination!

For a romantic look, try a touch of lace in a top and/or a scarf.  Add pearls:  multiple strands, earrings, rings, even a headband or hair ornament or circlet.  (Let us know if you dare!)

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How to Be Cool Wearing White Jeans in the Fall/Winter

white jeans winter

Age doesn’t matter; we all like to wear what we want.  It’s nice to break the old fashion rules.  We can wear white after Labor Day.  We can wear white jeans in the Fall and Winter.  We can also wear white cords or white trousers or white cargo pants or white chinos.  And any of these “white” pants can be off-white, ivory or cream.  So when I say white jeans, I’m also thinking of the alternatives.

How do you wear white jeans in Fall and Winter?  Winterize them with Fall and Winter colors, or with the same colors in different textures and fabrics.  Wear white jeans with warm neutrals like caramel and gray tops, and with autumnal hues like purple, camel and browns.  Try ivory or cream jeans or pants with neutrals like gray, white, black or earth tones.  Plaid also works with white or off-white pants, no matter what colors the pattern contains.

Wear white jeans with black for a timeless look all Winter long.  Black and white is such a popular and classy look any time for any occasion.  Varying shades of white will go well with your white jeans or pants.  Then add gold accessories with your all-white or black & white outfits.  Even if you wear silver, mix it with gold which goes best with black and white neutrals.

 If the color of your footwear contrasts too much with the white jeans, it shortens the look of your leg.  A long, uninterrupted line of color or tone is preferred because it makes your legs look longer.  The white boot is trending now, so that would really lengthen the leg line with white jeans or pants!  Nude footwear is a great choice, and animal-print shoes and accessories accent the white beautifully.

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How Your Friends Make It Easy to be Healthy: Diet & Exercise

Exercise blackboard
Daily motivation at Anytime Fitness

This is a diary of the healthy lifestyle goals that my son, Chris, and I are making together each month.  Since it takes 21-30 days to develop a new habit, making a goal for the month ahead is an effective strategy.

He and I agree that making these monthly goals together and posting our results here for you to see helps us to improve our health.  I’ve always found that if I say out loud to someone what I plan on doing, I’m more likely to do it.  Because if I say I will, I feel responsible to follow through. 

Age doesn’t matter.  It’s never too late.  You can always make progress and actually reverse the signs of aging!

Chris’s goal last month was to get back to the healthy eating patterns that have become his normal diet since working on these goals for the last couple of years. That means less carbs, fried and greasy foods and maybe a little less sugar.

For my part, I agreed to go to the gym twice a week since my seasonal exercises were out-of-season.  Chris wanted to talk me into more, but I’m going to agree to more for next month’s goal.  Lol!

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