40 Remarkable Ways to Look Terrific in a Faux Fur Vest

Fur vest with white blouse and jeans

A faux fur vest is a good piece to have for Fall.  You can actually wear one any time of year, and age doesn’t matter.  It adds a layer of warmth over your clothes or over a jacket in winter, and can be used as an extra layer under your coat.  When you add a coat over a fur vest, you will be super warm on the coldest days of the year.  Just be sure it’s not bulky!

Better fur vest over leather jkt

Fur vest over leather jacket from “How to Wear Women’s Fur Vests” on Fashion Gum

The fur vest dresses up any outfit in the same way that a statement necklace does.  You can always use an accessory that dresses up your ordinary clothes, especially something nice and warm!  It can also just make a plain outfit more interesting.  A fur vest can dress up a simple t-shirt with jeans.   It makes a plain button-down look suddenly luxe.  You can even just throw it on over sweatpants to go out the door on the spur of the moment, adding warmth while looking good too!

sweatpants and fur
Sweatpants and Fur…Say What? posted by The Styled Wife 

Simple ways to wear a fur vest are:  over an all-black or all-white outfit, a monochrome outfit, bright-colored clothes, or over a maxi-dress.

For a fancy event or a holiday party, a fur vest over a sequined or embellished dress and boots will keep you toasty.  Much better than evening sandals in winter, isn’t it?   🙂

On mild days, layer a fur vest over a motorcycle jacket over a long-sleeve black crewneck with black pants or jeans.  Then add dark sunglasses if it’s sunny.

Outfits Styled with a Fur Vest

  • Weekends:  A fur vest over a chambray shirt + jeans.
  • Office:  A fur vest over a tailored top + a pencil skirt + heels.
  • Leopard maxi-dress + leopard fur vest.  Add flat black boots.  May add a cardigan under the vest if the dress doesn’t have long sleeves.
  • A longer length long-sleeve t-shirt + black skinnies + fur vest.  Add black pumps + a delicate necklace + a couple of bangles.
  • Fur vest + a long-sleeve t-shirt + jeans.
  • Fur vest over a graphic tee, a Breton stripe, or a plaid shirt.  Add any bottoms of your choice.
  • Fur vest + a maxi-skirt + a top toned to the vest + a pashmina scarf.
Fur vest with a maxi skirt from Mytenida on Stylelovely
  • Fur vest + a dress, jersey or otherwise + booties.
  • Fur vest + A short dress + over-the-knee or tall boots.
  • Long-sleeve black top + black skinnies + fur vest.  Add tall black heeled boots + a black & gold cuff bracelet + stud earrings.
  • Fur vest over an oversize sweater + leather pants.  You might want to add a fedora.
  • Fur vest belted over a long-sleeved sweater over a maxi-skirt.
  • A sheer blouse inside a short skirt + fur vest.  Add jewelry as desired.
  • Fur vest over a cable-knit sweater + jeans + boots.
ONYX Mink vest_01
Onyx Mink Couture Hooded Faux Fur Vest at Fabulous Furs
  • A sweater dress + fur vest.  Add shoulder dusters or other long earrings.
  • A tunic + skinny jeans or jeggings + fur vest.  May add a big ring.
  • A long-sleeve white t-shirt over bootcut jeans + fur vest.  Add booties.  May add a watch on one wrist, a bangle on the other.
  • A gray shirt + gray jeans + fur vest.
  • Fur vest + short-sleeved t-shirt over jeans or pants.  If the vest covers your bum, you may wear tall boots over the jeans.
  • A sheer or feminine blouse + blue jeans + fur vest.
  • A long-sleeved black dress + fur vest + a gold locket.
  • Fur vest + a lace top + blue jeans.
Black Faux Fur High Low Vest from Jacket Society
  • A billowy blouse + distressed skinny jeans + fur vest.  Add ankle boots + a turquoise necklace + a coin belt + gold and turquoise bracelets + pretty rings.  (Or any turquoise jewelry for color.)
  • A long-sleeved top + destroyed jeans + fur vest.  Add a statement necklace and heels, and your jeans are dressed up!
  • A black sweater over black gauchos or culottes + fur vest.  Add tall tan boots + a statement necklace.
  • Fur vest + any dress.  Floral or red is good.
  • A floor-length evening dress + fur vest.  Add a pearl choker + ivory or nude heels + a clutch.
  • A black blouse + fur vest + black leather pants.  Add black ballet flats + a big ring.
  • A little black dress + fur vest + tall brown boots.  May add a red pendant, assorted bangles, a big ring, etc.
  • A long-sleeve black top + black pants + fur vest.  Add statement earrings.  You may want to add a belt.
fur vest
Spotted Leopard Faux Fur Vest from Charlotte Russe
  • A little black dress + fur vest.  Add statement earrings or a long pendant, and rings.
  • A blouse with a high-low hem or a long-sleeved t-shirt + any leggings + a fur vest.  May add ballet flats or black booties, pearl drop earrings, a delicate necklace, a chain bracelet, a structured bag.
  • A long-sleeved gray t-shirt or a long-sleeved sweater + ivory jeans + a fur vest.  Add a leopard belt + big hoops + a studded bag + aviator sunglasses + a bracelet with a big gold watch.
  • A black sweatshirt + fur vest + blue jeans.
  • Fur vest + a long-line turtleneck + leggings.
ONLY Hooded Fur Vest from Shoptiques
  • A white top + black bottoms + a fur vest of a different color or pattern to break it up.
  • A black top + white bottoms (even white jeans in winter) + a fur vest of a different color or pattern.
  • A cardigan + a shell top + fur vest + jeans or black pants.  Add a statement necklace.
  • A fur vest over a tunic + any kind of skinny jeans.  Add a tassel pendant + bead bracelets + turquoise rings (they go with everything).  You might also want to add a fringed bag.
  • A cardigan + a t-shirt + any color jeans + a fur vest.  Add a statement necklace.

cardi under fur vest

The following blog post has a nice article showing a few ways to wear a fur vest: http://www.fabulousafter40.com/top-fall-accessory-for-causal-dressing-the-faux-fur-vest/

Do you have a faux fur vest?  How do you like to wear it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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