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How to Get Designer Clothes at a Discount

Blk&Silver Day2Eve
Age doesn’t matter when you sparkle with energy!

I met Janice in Detroit’s New Center on a workday looking glam.  I discovered that she was dressed to go straight from work to a night out.  I asked if I could get a photo of her and noticed the MK for Michael Kors on her tunic.  So we started talking about designer clothes. Continue Reading

How Breakthrough Designers are Launching a Detroit Fashion Week

Fashion Massacre 8 me in the dime store
Me at the Dime Store in the Streets of Old Detroit at the Detroit Historical Museum for the Fashion Massacre

The Fashion Massacre is a an annual fashion presentation based on the idea of having Fashion Week in Detroit.  Age doesn’t matter because the presentation is built upon self-expression and individuality.  The fashion shows focus on emerging designers in the Metro Detroit area.  The purpose is to fuse together a unique showcase of underground fashion and art that will contribute to Detroit’s driving force in the fashion industry.

Since the 1st Fashion Massacre in 2009, Founder Tyna “FANCE” Logan has been offering an atmosphere devoted to creative expression.  By merging the elements of Fashion and Art, she creates a unique experience each time. Continue Reading

Who Are You? Free Your True Style

Seeing your true self
Seeing Your True Self

I was struck by the fact that a couple of articles in the March issue of “InStyle” magazine were about being true to yourself.  That issue is central, of course, to my philosophy presented in Your True Self blog.  So, naturally, I would like to discuss those articles and give you the links:

Continue Reading

How to Find the Jeans You’ll Love

7 for all mankind
7 for All Mankind

My last article was “How to Make Jeans and a Tee Look More Interesting”.  Now I am presenting ideas to help you find the right jeans for you.

Old Navy

One day I was working on a project with a group of twenty-somethings.  One of the young women gasped at an alert that came on her cell phone and said,  “Old Navy is having a sale!  I’m going to have to go there after work.  They are the only place that has jeans that fit me.”  Her body shape was totally different than mine, but I decided I would also go after work and see if they had the magical perfect pair of jeans for me, too.  She said they had lots of different styles and cuts.  Jeans are a basic classic item that goes with anything.  Age doesn’t matter; I consider a pair of jeans to be essential to every wardrobe! Continue Reading