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How to Get Designer Clothes at a Discount

Blk&Silver Day2Eve
Age doesn’t matter when you sparkle with energy!

I met Janice in Detroit’s New Center on a workday looking glam.  I discovered that she was dressed to go straight from work to a night out.  I asked if I could get a photo of her and noticed the MK for Michael Kors on her tunic.  So we started talking about designer clothes. Continue Reading

How to Build a Spring/Summer Time-Tested Survival Wardrobe

Now that you have your winter wardrobe put away for the season (or soon, anyway…), it’s time to make sure you have the basic items you need for your spring and summer wardrobe.  Maybe you already have all or most of them.  I’m not one for paring my clothes down into a capsule wardrobe, but I do believe in having all the basics you’ll need.  Therefore, I’ll provide a list here of what you need to have on hand for the warm seasons to create outfits for every occasion.  Age doesn’t matter because all of these items are classic basics that are essentials that will go with everything else. Continue Reading

10 Ways to Dress for Day to Evening in Winter

bridge day to evening

To go from day to night, the simplest thing to do is to carry evening accessories with you.  Include special jewelry, a clutch and evening shoes.  Intensify your makeup and you’re done!

For winter, velvet, leather and embellished pieces go easily from day to evening.  A sparkly scarf works all day as well, and adds a little warmth, too.

Blk&Silver Day2Eve

Black with Silver Accents

Black is a classic for both day and night, but you can use any other colors including browns.  Red  is festive and sexy; it can spark up any outfit for evening.  Gold accessories are always classy.

Here are some winter outfit suggestions that can bridge from day to evening without going home to change.  Use what you have and substitute as needed: Continue Reading