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The Secrets of How to Live to 100

You're never too old

I don’t know about you, but I want to have lifelong health for at least 100 years or beyond!  There are plenty of role models in this world letting us know that age doesn’t matter; it doesn’t have to stop movement, exploration, learning, beauty, self-expression.  Your true self is love, it’s wisdom, and it doesn’t stop.

With that in mind, I am presenting links to articles and videos on centenarians and how they made it to age 100 or more. Continue Reading

How Breakthrough Designers are Launching a Detroit Fashion Week

Fashion Massacre 8 me in the dime store
Me at the Dime Store in the Streets of Old Detroit at the Detroit Historical Museum for the Fashion Massacre

The Fashion Massacre is a an annual fashion presentation based on the idea of having Fashion Week in Detroit.  Age doesn’t matter because the presentation is built upon self-expression and individuality.  The fashion shows focus on emerging designers in the Metro Detroit area.  The purpose is to fuse together a unique showcase of underground fashion and art that will contribute to Detroit’s driving force in the fashion industry.

Since the 1st Fashion Massacre in 2009, Founder Tyna “FANCE” Logan has been offering an atmosphere devoted to creative expression.  By merging the elements of Fashion and Art, she creates a unique experience each time. Continue Reading

Link Love: The Secrets of How to Age Gracefully

My husband and I – happier than ever after 40 years together

The Freedom of Expressing Your True Self

“It’s this freedom that’s the key to becoming visible again. Not caring what others think is freeing. Expressing yourself any way you want is freeing. Having opinions, emotional wisdom, spiritual understanding…these things free you. And in freedom, we find power.” — quote by Jane Tara from her book The Happy Endings Book Club Continue Reading

Who Are You? Free Your True Style

Seeing your true self
Seeing Your True Self

I was struck by the fact that a couple of articles in the March issue of “InStyle” magazine were about being true to yourself.  That issue is central, of course, to my philosophy presented in Your True Self blog.  So, naturally, I would like to discuss those articles and give you the links:

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Peacock Shows You How to Stand Out

peacock poem
Let Your True Self Stand Out & Be Noticed







Totem animals represent the sub-conscious mind, giving the information about the energy held.

Any living creature that comes across your path brings you a message.

Each and everyone of these beautiful powerful animals have medicine powers and knowledge to share in order to learn, grow and expand your consciousness.

If you are reading this you are blessed with the magic of the peacock totem. Continue Reading

Sexy at 60: Your True Self is Ageless


Raise your vibration to discover your true self.

The usual advice for women once they hit 40 is all about what not to wear, as if they are suddenly over the hill.  My advice would be to wear whatever you like, that looks good on you, because you don’t lose ‘it’ just because you turned 40 (or 50, 60, 70, etc.).  We don’t all have the same type of body that ages into one that can’t wear short skirts or long hair or one that has to cover up the same parts as everyone else does at the same age. Continue Reading

Finding Your True Self

Mountain sunset

The following thoughts on the true self are found on

Reconnecting to Your True Self

More often than not, we’re distracted and overstimulated by media and mobile devices. And while we’re trying to do and have it all, we can easily end up time-starved, overworked and anxiety-ridden instead of being centered or at ease.

It’s in the midst of all this busyness that we fail to recognize that the biggest missing piece to creating what we want in life is the space in which to do it.

 Knowing Your True Self


Dr Chopra,
I see how my beliefs, reactions, fears have been developed/created/molded from past relationships. How do I get to know who IS My True Self?
In advance, thank you.


Knowing your true self comes from direct experience. You need to begin a meditation practice that takes you beyond your thoughts, feelings to the source of your being. That is your true self.


True Self


Hi Deepak I have been thinking a lot about ‘my core self’ or ‘true self’ recently. Who is the me that dreams when I am asleep. And is the me that dreams when I sleep the self that continues after death? Is the me that dreams my true self?


The presence of consciousness that is there when you dream, is the same consciousness that is there when you are asleep and awake. But it is not your core self that is dreaming, nor does the core self think when you are awake. Those are mental activities associated with the conditioned and personal self. That core self is the background unconditioned awareness that is always present whether we are fully conscious of it yet or not. That is your true self that persists regardless of whether you are awake, asleep or dreaming; whether you are embodied or not.