Express Your Unique Style at Any Age


Let’s take fashion from Mindset to Mind Opener.

Let’s be fashion rebels in our own individual ways.

Let’s learn the rules, only to break them.  Stretch them and break them and tie them in knots.

Make the rule book of you:  your own set of rules that work for you.  Like:

leopard is a neutral, or

cobalt is my navy, or

this is my jean jacket.

Denim & Lace Moto Jacket
Denim & Lace Moto Jacket

The older you get, the more free you are.  Free and wise, too!

I encourage you to express your true self, at any age…




Talking About Leopard

leopard.jpg One day at work, I heard some women talking about leopard prints.  They said, “I couldn’t possibly wear leopard prints.”  They all agreed that they didn’t own any leopard prints and never would, that they were not the type to wear that.

I thought to myself, “Do I wear leopard?”  As I counted the ways, I had to laugh at myself!  Let me see, I have: Continue reading “Talking About Leopard”

Snow Boots: Not just for shoveling snow

The Himalayas

What a perfect day for an outfit with snow boots!  It’s the first day that it really snowed here.

I bought my rubber toggle boots for shoveling snow.  I chose a mid-height so that snow wouldn’t get inside my boots if the accumulation was high, as in recent years.

But the ones I found are so beautiful that I want to be able to wear them at other times as well.  So here are some ways that you can wear them on weekends and around town. Continue reading “Snow Boots: Not just for shoveling snow”

Welcome to Your True Self!

Door to Morrocco

This is the door to Morocco.  Someday, I would like to visit exotic places.  But for the time being, I decided to make an e-visit to Morocco.

I am drawn to exotic, Bohemian style, more than any other type.  When I googled Bohemian, I found a description that inspired me to choose the name for this blog, Your True Self.

“The true Bohemian culture focuses on the freedom of expression, creativity, living with consciousness, practicing gratitude and embracing one’s authentic self.”  As I create endless outfit combinations, I try to express my true self.

I used to try to fit in, as the occasion called for.  At a job long ago, a co-worker commented on the golden sun pendant on an ivory cord that I was wearing with my business dress.  He sneered that it showed I was a hippie.  I was mortified and afraid to show my true self at work for many years.

Now, I feel free to be me.  I guess that’s what happens as you get older.  You get wiser.

As women age, they commonly begin to think they can no longer wear certain things….  I disagree with blanket statements that prohibit women of a certain age from wearing what they want.  As long as the clothes look good on the body you have, I encourage you to be free.

This blog is for all ages and all styles.  Wear what you love, and be yourself.  Then, whatever your age, look in the mirror and decide if it works.  That is the art of expressing your true self!

Love to you all,



Morocco Style