Eat Real Food: Avoiding Food Additives

eat real food

I became a vegetarian when I was 18 because Denny, a guy I was dating, kept discussing the reasons why it’s important until I was convinced to try it myself.  I have found it hard to stick to when others were serving the food, but I’ve cooked vegetarian ever since.  I am no longer a strict vegetarian, but I avoid all red meat and only have poultry once in awhile.  Every time I do, I thank the poor chicken for giving up its life for me.veg not chicken

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Chic in Sneaks, Sweats and Tees: Athleisure

How to Rock the Athletic Wear Trend

My friend, Michelle, asked me to write about athleisure.  I’m not the sporty type, so I didn’t have any interest in the athleisure trend until I started to collect information for this article.  Now, I really like it!

The thing is, everybody likes to feel comfortable.  Wearing sweats anywhere you go is so laid back and comfy.  Wearing business clothes or evening clothes that are comfy makes the day or evening that much more enjoyable. Continue reading “Chic in Sneaks, Sweats and Tees: Athleisure”