How Your Friends Make It Easy to be Healthy: Progress Report

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Finding an Exercise Plan That Works, and a Progress Report

This is a diary of the healthy lifestyle goals that my son, Chris, and I are making together each month.

In August, Chris’ goal was to go to the gym five days a week and to run every other day, whether at the gym or not.  My goal was to get a half-hour of aerobic exercise five days a week, with stretching and weights on the other two days.  We had worked on similar goals in July, but wanted to do better.  We felt that some days get too busy and interfere with exercise, so we wanted to find a way to make it work every day.

This journal entry has two parts:  our August exercise results, and a report on the progress we’ve made since we started making goals in March.  Continue reading “How Your Friends Make It Easy to be Healthy: Progress Report”

Over 35 Ways to Transform Your Outfits in the Fall
Late Summer leading into Fall

After Labor Day, the weather often cools down.  Hot days will often continue or recur until the Fall Equinox the third week of September.  Here are some ways to take the chill off in between warm spells as the seasons change:

  • Even if the weather is still hot, you can wear your light and cool summer clothes in fall hues, such as:  orange, red, rust, mustard yellow, and earth-tones like chocolate brown, and burgundy.
  • Add layers to your summer outfits.  The magical number of three layers creates the perfect look.  If it’s still warm out, use light, floaty layers; or leave something bare, like legs or arms.
  • Add tights to summer dresses.
  • Between seasons, a scarf will update and warm up any outfit:  A light scarf for temperate days, a warm scarf for chilly days.
  • Summer maxi dresses are still usable:  layer with a tank, t-shirt, sweater, leather or suede jacket.
  • Sundresses are still usable with warm layers, a blazer or a cover-up.
  • Add a long-sleeved lace top under a dress.
  • Shorts are still useable with tights.  You may want to add a long-sleeved top, a 3/4 length coat…
  • Layer your favorite summer tops under a cardigan or vest.  May add jeans.
  • A summer top, tunic or sundress over pants (even corduroy or leather).  May add a long vest.
  • A long vest over a summer outfit.
  • A t-shirt over a thin hoodie.
  • A short skirt with boots, such as Uggs.
  • A blazer in place of a jacket, with a sweater or hoodie underneath.
  • A sleeveless  or short-sleeved sweater or mockneck, or other partially-exposed sweaters worn alone or layered with other knits.
  • You can still wear sandals with a warm outfit.  If it’s cool, you can wear socks with sandals, even if they are heels.

    A warm outfit with sandals.

Transitional Outfits:

  • A cozy cardigan + a henley or a top with pretty cuffs  + skinny corduroy pants.  Add a pendant + rings.
  • A tank top + blue jeans + a kimono.
  • For weekends, wear skinny jeans + an oversized sweater.  Add ankle boots.
  • For weekends, wear a cardigan over a plaid shirt + skinny jeans + ankle boots.
  • A long-sleeved ivory t-shirt tucked into an earth-toned maxi-skirt (such as taupe) + a colorful infinity scarf.  Add an earth-toned cuff bracelet + snakeskin sandals (or other neutral leather sandals).
  • A white shirt +skinny blue jeans.  Add crystal stud earrings + a printed scarf.
  • A long-sleeve white t-shirt over black culottes.  Ade big colorful earrings + multi-color bangles + flat black sandals.
  • A short-sleeved knit shirt over a long white or beige skirt.  A drawstring skirt is good here.  Sling a big belt over it + mixed metal bangles.
  • Start with a maxi-skirt or culottes + one of your dressy tops.  Add a thermal, tall boots, leather jacket, and a scarf for chilly weather.
  • Start with any style of bottoms + a tank top + ankle boots.  Add a hat, lightweight cardigan + jacket.
  • A silky button-down + white jeans.  Add bright sandals or wedges.

    White pants after Labor Day.
  • A short dress or skirt + over-the-knee boots + a slouchy cardigan or jacket.
  • A little black dress + over-the-knee boots.  Add pendants + bangles.
  • A print dress + bomber jacket.  May add pumps.
  • A long-sleeved plaid shirt + jeans + motorcycle jacket.  Add flat ankle boots.
  • A short-sleeved turtleneck + a short suede skirt.
  • A camisole over gray trousers.  May add peep-toe booties.
  • A feminine top + cargo pants.  Add a lightweight scarf looped around your neck.

For Weekends:

  • Skinny jeans + an oversized sweater.  Add ankle boots.
  • A cardigan over a plaid shirt + skinny jeans + ankle boots.
  • Skinny jeans + an oversize sweater + ankle boots.
  • A cardigan over a plaid shirt + skinny jeans.  Add ankle boots.

I hope this was helpful.  Let me know in the comments section!  More on transitional outfits at: Ageless Style Link Up.