How to Look Awesome during the Holidays

Add a sparkly piece to your outfit every day during the holiday season!

Starting with Thanksgiving and leading all the way to New Year’s Day, I like to give an air of festivity to what I wear every single day.  I also like to wear Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil during the holiday season.  Why don’t you try adding holiday colors and bling to your everyday outfits at this time?  It creates a joyful mood. Continue reading “How to Look Awesome during the Holidays”

How to Make Sweet Potatoes Special with No Sugar Added

Sweet Potatoes and Apples with Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a warmer than usual autumn after a very hot summer. Suddenly, yesterday the cold hit along with wind and sleet.  I’m hoping the winter temperatures will not be arctic quality, and that we will not have to shovel snow in piles up to the rooftops like we did a few years ago!

Let’s be thankful for the beautifully temperate fall season we just enjoyed, with vivid autumn colors up until now.

To help you celebrate Thanksgiving, I am sharing a sweet potato recipe that is healthy as well as delicious.  It is made with pure and simple ingredients, no sugar needed.  It became a tradition in my family for Thanksgiving because my father was hypoglycemic and another family member was diabetic. Continue reading “How to Make Sweet Potatoes Special with No Sugar Added”

All You Need to Know About How to Use Scarves

My signature piece is the scarf.  I love to add a scarf to what I am wearing because it is the simplest layering piece and an accessory to add color and tie an outfit together (no pun intended!).  I usually just let the ends hang free in front, which adds a vertical line and a little coverage.  Then, I wrap it around my throat if I get chilled.  Or throw it over one shoulder if I get too warm.  Pashminas and shawls are even better because then I can open them up and wrap them around me for warmth when needed.  They can also be worn unfolded and draped around the shoulders like a poncho, which fits in with the trend.  You can throw one side over your shoulder like a cape and pin it; or belt it poncho-style; or belt it over the free-hanging ends in front, under or over your coat. Continue reading “All You Need to Know About How to Use Scarves”

How to Get Festive for Thanksgiving, with 15 Outfits

A tunic dress + skinnies + a long pendant…and let your hair be messy!

I’m coming up with Thanksgiving outfit ideas now, in case you want to go shopping in order to have everything you need ready for the holiday.

Of course, if you have a dressy top to go with some comfy jeans you’re all set.  Thanksgiving is a gathering of family and close friends, after all.  The main thing is to be comfortable, and yet festive.

Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season, a month and a half of celebrations, a time to glitter.  So just add bling!  Such as, take a normal outfit and add gold or silver shoes.  Or you could wear jeans and a t-shirt and then layer pearl necklaces with your favorite chains and charm necklaces.  Some things you can add to an everyday fall outfit to make it festive are:  A glittery headband, a leopard or metallic scarf, a faux fur scarf or vest, or a statement piece of jewelry.
Continue reading “How to Get Festive for Thanksgiving, with 15 Outfits”