What’s the Coat that Will Make You Warm and Glamorous?

mongolian fur
Religion Maxi Coat in Faux Mongolian Fur from ASOS

I was reading a blog post about warm winter coats, and by the end of it I was amazed that all they talked about was puffer coats!  What about fur?  (Remember to always buy faux fur to protect animals.)  I believe fur is just as warm, and looks better, too!  Age doesn’t matter.  We can all look good and feel good in a warm fur.

If you’re looking to buy a new winter coat, you might want to take a look at some faux furs and treat yourself to a luxurious look.  There are many affordable options nowadays.

Although I realize we may tend to save our fur coats for evenings and special events, that’s simply not necessary.  There are fur coats that are more casual that can be dressed down during the day as well as dressed up during the evening.  That way you can look like a million on the daily.  And it’s great for the party season that ushers in Winter!

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How to Transform from Summer Day to Evening

Teal Cropped Cardigan, Forever 21 Shift Dress, and a Tree Branch Inspired Statement Necklace (22129732091).jpg

During the summer, there are so many fun things to do that you’ll probably have to go directly from your daytime activities to an evening out.  Or maybe you make a pit stop at home and need a quick presto change-o!  I’ve got plenty of outfit ideas to make that easier for you.  Age doesn’t matter.  These tips work for everyone!  Continue reading “How to Transform from Summer Day to Evening”

10 Ways to Dress for Day to Evening in Winter

bridge day to evening

To go from day to night, the simplest thing to do is to carry evening accessories with you.  Include special jewelry, a clutch and evening shoes.  Intensify your makeup and you’re done!

For winter, velvet, leather and embellished pieces go easily from day to evening.  A sparkly scarf works all day as well, and adds a little warmth, too.

Blk&Silver Day2Eve

Black with Silver Accents

Black is a classic for both day and night, but you can use any other colors including browns.  Red  is festive and sexy; it can spark up any outfit for evening.  Gold accessories are always classy.

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