How to Make the Best of What You Have


In an effort to encourage you to make the best of what you have (age doesn’t matter), I am sharing a short series of articles that are inspiring.¬† ūüôā

The November issue of InStyle magazine contains an interview with Drew Barrymore, “The 5 Beauty Products Drew Barrymore Swears By.”¬† But what’s really important about that interview, and what drew me to read it, is the highlighted quote where she said:

¬† ¬† ¬†“Instead of beating yourself up about what you don’t have, figure out what you do have and make it work.”

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What’s Special About You? Make the Best of What You Have!

shine a little brighter
From BK on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I have a simple little thing to tell you today:¬† Make the best of what you have.¬† Age doesn’t matter.¬† No matter what age, size or body type you are, you can always appreciate your good points and take care of them and play them up.

A long time ago, when my children were small, I had a woman come in to clean my house to help me catch up on things.¬† I was apologizing for some old parts of the house that I wasn’t able to replace because of the cost.¬† She reassured me, “Just make the best of what you have.”¬† Then she polished it up and when she was done, the whole place felt so sparkling and new.¬† I felt so much better; she made me happier about my house!

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All About How to Love Your True Self

Graduation from Blogcademy
Shauna, Kat, me and Gala at culmination of Blogcademy classes

Today, I’d like to introduce you to an enthusiastic young blogger who was one of my headmistresses when I first attended the Blogcademy to learn how to blog. ¬†Her name is Gala Darling, and I have a few examples from her blog that I’d like to share with you because they are all about being your true self. ¬†Age doesn’t matter. ¬†Her articles are full of fun!

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How Your True Self Will Make You Free and Beautiful

This is all about why I chose the name “Your True Self” for my blog. ¬†And why age doesn’t matter to your true self within.

I am captivated when I see bohemian styles in fashion, decor, parts of the world, and in ourselves.  By that, I mean our inner selves.

One day, I was reading an introduction to boho fashion. ¬†It explained that the bohemian personality not only dressed in a freely creative way, but also was connected to nature and was a free spirit who expressed her true self in words, deeds and surroundings. ¬†Not all bohemians are alike. ¬†They each express their unique personality, tastes and opinions. Continue reading “How Your True Self Will Make You Free and Beautiful”

Link Love: The Secrets of How to Age Gracefully

My husband and I – happier than ever after 40 years together

The Freedom of Expressing Your True Self

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs this freedom that‚Äôs the key to becoming visible again. Not caring what others think is freeing. Expressing yourself any way you want is freeing. Having opinions, emotional wisdom, spiritual understanding‚Ķthese things free you. And in freedom, we find power.‚ÄĚ — quote by Jane Tara from her book The Happy Endings Book Club Continue reading “Link Love: The Secrets of How to Age Gracefully”

Who Are You? Free Your True Style

Seeing your true self
Seeing Your True Self

I was struck by the fact that a couple of articles in the March issue of “InStyle” magazine were about being true to yourself. ¬†That issue is central, of course, to my philosophy presented in Your True Self blog. ¬†So, naturally, I would like to discuss those articles and give you the links:

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Sexy at 60: Your True Self is Ageless


Raise your vibration to discover your true self.

The usual advice for women once they hit 40 is all about what not to wear, as if they are suddenly over the hill. ¬†My advice would be to wear whatever you like, that looks good on you, because you don’t lose ‘it’ just because you turned 40 (or 50, 60, 70, etc.). ¬†We don’t all have the same type of body that ages into one that can’t wear short skirts or long hair or one that has to cover up the same parts as everyone else does at the same age. Continue reading “Sexy at 60: Your True Self is Ageless”