How Do You Guarantee the Survival of Traditions?

Traditions get passed down from one generation to the next. Our family is in a transition phase now, with a new generation being born and raised. I want to know how to pass on our Christmas traditions. Do you have any experience with this? Can you tell me how to engage the next generation in order to sustain our traditions? I’d really appreciate your feedback!

(P.S. Age doesn’t matter. Whether you are from one generation or the other, I still want to hear what you think.)

On Christmas Eve every year, my family celebrates Wigilia. We never knew that, though; we just knew we had our family’s traditional Polish feast once a year on Christmas Eve. Following the dinner, we gather around the tree and share gifts like everyone else does at Christmas time.

Xmas at Ricks3
Me at my brother’s house for Christmas


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Lasagna Recipe

lasagne plated

My lasagna specialty of the house is Kathy’s Lasagna vegetarian style.  I skip the beef and often use tofu instead.  However, you can choose to make it with beef, you can make it with spinach, you can make it with eggplant…various versions are included in the recipe below.  When I make this lasagna, everyone loves it because the sauce is cooked from scratch.  The secret is in the sauce! Continue reading “Lasagna Recipe”