How Do You Guarantee the Survival of Traditions?

Traditions get passed down from one generation to the next. Our family is in a transition phase now, with a new generation being born and raised. I want to know how to pass on our Christmas traditions. Do you have any experience with this? Can you tell me how to engage the next generation in order to sustain our traditions? I’d really appreciate your feedback!

(P.S. Age doesn’t matter. Whether you are from one generation or the other, I still want to hear what you think.)

On Christmas Eve every year, my family celebrates Wigilia. We never knew that, though; we just knew we had our family’s traditional Polish feast once a year on Christmas Eve. Following the dinner, we gather around the tree and share gifts like everyone else does at Christmas time.

Xmas at Ricks3
Me at my brother’s house for Christmas


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20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I would like to introduce you to myself with one of those fun quizzes where you tell what your favorite things are…except I don’t have a quiz in front of me so I’m going to make a list of the first things that come to my head.  If you like, send us things that pop into your head about yourself by adding your comment below this article.  Let’s share!

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Would You Want to Be a Member of the Forever Fierce? I Love It!

Forever Fierce Chico's
Graphic by Beth Briggs

I’m so happy to be a member of Forever Fierce:  The Midlife Revolution Facebook group.  They are so supportive, and there are so many members…not just bloggers but also midlife women who want to connect with each other.  Members have blogs that cover so many ages and so many different styles and topics.

The group started as the Fierce50, but then women in their 40’s, 60’s and 70’s joined as well.  Now the group is broadening yet again with a campaign Bridging the Gap (BtG) between women young and old.  (I might start a group called Sensational60…  Lol!)  Forever Fierce is expanding so much that stylistas in their 20’s through 70’s were at the meetup.  So, Age doesn’t matter anymore!

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True Confessions: Why Have I Lived in Detroit All This Time?

For the last 40 years, my husband Russ and I have lived in Detroit.  At first, we lived in the Cass Corridor.  Then we bought my Aunt Anne’s house on the northeast side.  We have lived been here for 31 years because Russ didn’t want to leave Detroit.

The Cass Corridor had a bad reputation back when we lived there.  My own family stopped coming to visit us because they thought our home in northeast Detroit was in a dangerous area.  My sisters were amazed that I would continue to live here because of my husband’s wishes.  I don’t usually invite people over to our house anymore, since the foreclosures took over the area in recent years and the Emergency Manager took away some of our public services.

So why are we here, and what’s good about Detroit?  There are lots of reasons, from the personal to the ideal.

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