Here Are 45 Sure-Fire Ways to Rock a Kimono!

velvet kimono
Sophie velvet kimono at Anthropologie

A kimono makes a simple dress or jeans and a tee into something special, just like a blazer or jacket.  You can cover a body-conscious dress with a flowing kimono. On the other hand, a black lacy tank or any sexy camisole makes a kimono date night ready.  Throw a kimono over a hoodie and jeans outfit.  Use a kimono as a robe around the house.  Or try a kimono as a bathing suit cover-up!  There are so many ways to wear a kimono…age doesn’t matter.  Take this list, look in your closet, and create some new outfits for yourself!

In her blog, Fashion Fairy Dust, Debbie shows how to rock the kimono as a top:


Jewelry that goes well with a kimono are: pendants, tassel necklaces, boho-chic necklaces or beads, ethnic earrings, coin earrings, chandelier earrings, cuffs and bangles.

The best bag to use with a kimono is a weathered leather bag for a casual vibe, such as a cross-body, tote, hobo or satchel.  On the other hand, if you want to juxtapose against the flowing kimono, you can use an angular clutch.

The most common combination is a kimono+ a t-shirt or simple top + jeans or jean shorts.  Take a kimono + any denim bottoms (any style, any color, pants or skirts) + a neutral layering tee, tank or silky shell untucked.  Choose a top in white, navy, black, gray, or a color to match the kimono’s solid or print color.  The denim bottoms can be faded, destroyed, fringed, embellished, dark wash, white, or any color; shorts, bootcuts, skinnies, straight legs, or a short jean skirt.  If you’re wearing faded denim, add rugged boots, casual sandals, or super-dressy shoes. If you’re wearing dressier denim, add heels or wedge sandals.

Kimono with jeans and a tee:

  1. A kimono + faded jeans + a silky shell top.  Add dressy, high-vamped, heeled sandals.
  2. A kimono + a tank top + jean shorts.  Add biker boots.
  3. A teal kimono + a teal tee + black jeans.  Layer on necklaces or different lengths.  Add metallic bangles.  You may also like to add a fedora.
  4. A kimono + a black tee + skinny blue jeans.  Add a long pendant + wedge sandals or heeled ankle boots.  You may also want to add a fringed bag.
  5. A kimono + a long t-shirt over flared jeans.  Add a metallic necklace + sunglasses if sunny.
  6. A kimono + a camisole + jeans or jean shorts.
  7. A kimono + a lace top + jeans.
  8. A kimono with matching belt tied over a shell + blue jeans.  Add large hoop earrings.
  9. A sheer black kimono + a black printed top + blue jeans.  Add a gold bar necklace + a cuff pushed up on the arm with a a couple of gold bangles at wrist + multiple rings.
  10. A long camisole with a lacy hem + skinny jeans + a kimono.  You might add a couple of pendants.
  11. A kimono + white jeans or trousers + a layering piece.  Add feminine metallic footwear.
  12. An embroidered kimono + a long camisole or tank top + blue jeans.  Add gold coin earrings + beaded bracelets.
  13. A kimono over any tee, graphic or not + jean shorts.  Add tan peep-toe booties + necklaces and bracelets.  You may also want to add a straw fedora.
SS kimono
Vintage silk velvet kimono at Soft Surroundings

A kimono + a long top + skinnies (any kind of pants; doesn’t have to be jeans):

  1. A kimono + a long camisole + black or blue skinnies.  Add coin earrings + bracelets.
  2. A kimono + a long tank top + skinnies.  You may like to add a belt over the tank + a couple of rosary necklaces.

A kimono + a column of color:

  1. Evening:  A sheer black kimono + a black camisole + black skinnies + a black leather jacket or black leather blazer.  Add black heels, sandals or not.
  2. A kimono + a black top + black pants.  (For instance:  a long, chiffon kimono + a black tunic + black leggings.  Add turquoise.)
  3. A teal fringed kimono + a gray tee + gray pants.
  4. A black top + black leather pants + a kimono.
  5. A kimono + a white camisole + white pants.
  6. A kimono + a black velvet top + black bottoms.  Add a long fine chain pendant.
  7. A teal tapestry kimono + a black scoop-neck shell + black knit pants.  Add a turquoise necklace + a turquoise or coral ring.
lucky kimono
Ombre Geo kimono at Lucky Brand

A kimono + a maxi-dress, a maxi-skirt, a short dress or a mini-skirt.  Add flats or heels: 

  1. For evening, belt a kimono over a maxi skirt to use it as a top, and add heels.
  2. A short kimono + a straight skirt or dress in any length.  Add trendy shoes.
  3. A little black dress + a kimono.  Try adding black heeled sandals, chain necklaces, a cuff bracelet.
  4. A short black dress + a sheer black kimono.  Add chain necklaces + sheer black stockings.
  5. A sundress + a kimono.  You may like to wear flat sandals with it.
  6. A kimono + a sheath dress.
  7. A kimono + a slip dress.
  8. A t-shirt dress + a kimono.
  9. A kimono, belted or not, over a maxi-dress.
  10. A kimono over a turtleneck and a maxi-skirt.
  11. A kimono over a short ruffled dress.  Add heels.
  12. A sleeveless maxi-dress + a sheer slip dress over it + a kimono over that.
  13. A fringed kimono over a slip dress.
  14. A kimono over a matching color body-conscious dress.  Add over-the-knee boots + bracelets and rings.
  15. A kimono over a sheer embroidered slip dress over a long camisole or tank + skinny jeans.  Add heels.
  16. A sweater dress + a kimono in a matching color.  Add necklaces, bracelets, a fedora.
FP kimono
A kimono over a turtleneck and maxi-skirt at Free People

Kimono + utility pants, gauchos, chinos, harem pants or joggers:

You can also wear a kimono with utility pants, gauchos, chinos, harem pants or joggers.  Here’s an example, but use whatever you have:

  1. A teal kimono + a teal striped tank top + black joggers.  Add black ankle boots.  You may also want to add a moto jacket if cool, a long tassel necklace, a statement ring.
uo kimono
Striped long kimono at Urban Outfitters

Other ways to style a kimono:

  1. A kimono + pants in a matching color + a neutral long-sleeve top.
  2. A kimono + any shorts + a tee or layering top.
  3. A graphic white tee over black pants + a black & white & blue print kimono.
  4. A sheer black kimono + a black camisole over charcoal pants.  Add a long gold pendant + gold bracelets.
  5. A printed kimono + an ivory scoop-neck shell + black knit pants.  Add flat nude-color sandals + a long delicate pendant.
  6. A white embroidered mesh tunic tank + blue jeans + a kimono.  Add a gold tassel necklace + a gold cuff + a gold bangle + gold earrings.
  7. A thin black turtleneck over corduroy skinnies + a kimono.  Add ankle boots + a fedora.  A cross-body bag can go under your kimono.  Add sunglasses if sunny.
Shein kimono
Floral longline chiffon kimono at Shein

Let us know in the comments below if you try these ideas!

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