How Breakthrough Designers are Launching a Detroit Fashion Week

Fashion Massacre 8 me in the dime store
Me at the Dime Store in the Streets of Old Detroit at the Detroit Historical Museum for the Fashion Massacre

The Fashion Massacre is a an annual fashion presentation based on the idea of having Fashion Week in Detroit.  Age doesn’t matter because the presentation is built upon self-expression and individuality.  The fashion shows focus on emerging designers in the Metro Detroit area.  The purpose is to fuse together a unique showcase of underground fashion and art that will contribute to Detroit’s driving force in the fashion industry.

Since the 1st Fashion Massacre in 2009, Founder Tyna “FANCE” Logan has been offering an atmosphere devoted to creative expression.  By merging the elements of Fashion and Art, she creates a unique experience each time.

I attended the 8th annual Fashion Massacre that was presented Sunday, May 7, 2017 at the Detroit Historical Museum in the Streets of Old Detroit.  The experience was unique in that the attendees gathered in the cobblestone streets to watch the models walk the sidewalks on their way to the various old storefronts and other establishments from Detroit’s past.  Once the models settled into their locations, the attendees were able to walk into the shops and see the models in their designs from close up, freely taking photos.

face chain 2
I find this daring look fascinating!

Local Detroit-area designers that were featured this year were:  C. Creations, Out of Stock, Bovvy, Pac by Vince, 32 X 20, Stable Designs, Rorher Land, Moods in January, Melita Rakovic, Pink Suede Elephant, and Niavoni Collection.

Although it was hard to take in all the fashions in all the locations at the museum, there was a satin printed and hooded bomber jacket that I loved most.  It was by designer Cheryl Zemke of C. Creations.

satin bomber photo by c creations
Satin Bomber Jacket and Detroit pants 
Model Grace Heslip @palegracee
Photo by C. Creations

C. Creations was one of the only designers showing all wearable fashions, except for a dress with a paper bottom made out of maps from the Michigan Welcome Center and magazine articles on Detroit.

map dress and hat
Long Map dress- “Eliza” inspired by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady 
Bottom of dress made by distressing many maps with coffee and paint and assembling with Detroit theme magazines and tulle. 
Model Jenna Ode @jennaode 
Photo by George Page @moneygp

The hats worn with C. Creations are by Rachelle Willnus of Derby Hats in Farmington, who can be found on Instagram at derbyhatsbyrachelle.

People who follow Cheryl’s C. Creations are culturally oriented, creative, arty slick and mature — wanting something unique in character, not something everyone else has.  Most of her clients are between the ages of 35 and 70.  They take care of themselves and go out a lot.

Although Cheryl offers ready-to-wear, she does custom work.  There are three aspects of the company:  ready-to-wear which can also be altered to fit you along with alterations of anything from jeans to wedding dresses, custom designs by request, and her private label called C3.

c creations long gold dress
C. Creations – Long gold dress – “Nightingale” 
Models Brandi Bautell @brandibautell

Cheryl’s C. Creations will be featured in another fashion show at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.  Fashion, Art, Whimsy and Music begins at 6:30 pm on Saturday, May 13.  It is a fundraiser for the Dare2Dream Foundation.

Her designs are available through Facebook or  You can find her at cherylzemke on Instagram.

Tilted c creations
Models on the Street of Old Detroit exhibit

Do you like the wearable satin bomber jacket and Detroit sweatpants, or do you prefer fitted dresses?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.  Sign up for emails below to get future blog posts as they come out.  Also, follow YourTrueSelfBlog on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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