How to Be Cool Wearing White Jeans in the Fall/Winter

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Age doesn’t matter; we all like to wear what we want.  It’s nice to break the old fashion rules.  We can wear white after Labor Day.  We can wear white jeans in the Fall and Winter.  We can also wear white cords or white trousers or white cargo pants or white chinos.  And any of these “white” pants can be off-white, ivory or cream.  So when I say white jeans, I’m also thinking of the alternatives.

How do you wear white jeans in Fall and Winter?  Winterize them with Fall and Winter colors, or with the same colors in different textures and fabrics.  Wear white jeans with warm neutrals like caramel and gray tops, and with autumnal hues like purple, camel and browns.  Try ivory or cream jeans or pants with neutrals like gray, white, black or earth tones.  Plaid also works with white or off-white pants, no matter what colors the pattern contains.

Wear white jeans with black for a timeless look all Winter long.  Black and white is such a popular and classy look any time for any occasion.  Varying shades of white will go well with your white jeans or pants.  Then add gold accessories with your all-white or black & white outfits.  Even if you wear silver, mix it with gold which goes best with black and white neutrals.

 If the color of your footwear contrasts too much with the white jeans, it shortens the look of your leg.  A long, uninterrupted line of color or tone is preferred because it makes your legs look longer.  The white boot is trending now, so that would really lengthen the leg line with white jeans or pants!  Nude footwear is a great choice, and animal-print shoes and accessories accent the white beautifully.

white jeans outfit
“How to Wear My Pastel Colored Shirts?” at Dress Like a Parisian blog

Fall and Winter Colors:

Fall and Winter Textures:

  • Cashmere
  • Velvet
  • Wool
  • Heavy knits
  • Tweed
  • Corduroy
  • Faux fur
  • (Faux) Leather

If you are longing for Spring in February but don’t want to look too springy, you can wear the sorbet colors you’re craving in the above fabrics and textures with white jeans.  Wear sorbet-colored cashmere instead of your chocolate browns and deep reds.  Wear white jeans with pale, silvery grey in late winter, rather than with charcoal grey and brown.

Tina Adams, of Tina Adams Consulting, says:  “In fact, whether you’re wearing white jeans with pastels, silvery greys or a crisp black and white Chanel palette, white jeans and winter go together like Christian and Dior.”

tina adams white jeans
Tina Adams at Your Style Vault blog


Outfit Combinations Using White Jeans and Pants 

  1. White jeans + a darker top or tops.
  2. An animal-print tunic + white jeans or pants.
  3. A leopard-print top + a white, orange or red cardigan + white jeans.
  4. A leopard-print top + a white or ivory vest + white/ivory jeans or pants.
  5. Leopard faux fur vest + white jeans + any long-sleeve top.
  6. A faux fur vest + a turtleneck or sweater + white jeans or pants.
  7. A gold sweater + white jeans or cargo pants.  Add a purple & gold shawl for evening.
  8. A black sweater + white or cream jeans/pants.  Add a pendant and/or a brown/tan scarf.
  9. A black tunic + skinny white jeans.  Add any tank top if the neckline is low or it’s that cold out (black, white, teal, etc.)  Add a necklace.
  10. A short-sleeve black sweater + white jeans.  Add black/onyx jewelry (earrings, bracelet).  If you have long legs, you can add black heels.
  11. A black pullover sweater or blouse + white or ivory jeans or pants.  Add gold or a bright accessory + neutral footwear.
  12. A black turtleneck + white jeans + a long gold pendant.
  13. A long black sweater or tunic over a creamy t-shirt and pants.  Add a big black bag and ring, red lipstick.
  14. A black crochet or open-weave sweater over a white camisole or black & white polka-dot cami + white jeans/pants.  Push back the sleeves and add a cuff + some pretty hoop earrings.
  15. A black long-line cardigan over a white top + white jeans.  If the top has long sleeves, shoot the cuffs.  Add nude or tan pumps.
  16. A black blazer/jacket + white jeans + a silky and/or ruffly top.  Add gold heels.
  17. A black velvet blazer + purple (or other color) lace turtleneck + white jeans/pants for evening.
  18. A black (faux) leather blazer + a black or white top/turtleneck + white jeans.  You might want to add a scarf for color.
  19. A black leather jacket + a purple sweater over white jeans.  Add a leopard-print belt or a narrow belt over the sweater + sunglasses if sunny.
  20. A black or brown blazer + white/ivory jeans, cords or cargoes.
  21. A jean jacket + a white tank or tee + white jeans or cargoes.  Add sneakers.
  22. A jean jacket over a white turtleneck + white jeans/cords + a faux fur scarf.  Add a brooch or two + hoop earrings, and put your hair up.
  23. White silk blouse tucked into white pants with a white sweater over it.  It looks even better if you vary the shades of white.
  24. A white/ivory silk blouse + a white/ivory cardigan open + white/ivory pants.  Add a gold belt and shoes for evening.
  25. A white tunic + white jeans or ivory velvet leggings + a military jacket.
  26. A white or ivory turtleneck over white/ivory chinos, cords or skinnies.  Add gold hoop earrings + a big gold watch.  You might want to tie a white/ivory scarf around your neck with one end in front and the other in back.
  27. White or ivory turtleneck over white or ivory corduroy or cargo pants.  Add gold earrings, etc.  You might want to add a faux fur vest.
  28. A white/ ivory sweater over white/ivory pants.  Add bling, or add big gold hoop earrings + a gold bangle + taupe or silver boots.
  29. A white sweater set + white jeans/chinos/pants.  Add a colorful ruffly knit scarf.
  30. A white fleece vest over a long-sleeve red t-shirt + white cargo pants.
  31. A white/ivory hooded cardigan + white/ivory jeans/cargoes.
  32. A purple sweater, such as a henley + white jeans.
  33. A purple velvet shirt worn open as a jacket + a white top + white jeans/pants.  Add a white hat + a purple scarf (use as a belt).
  34. A brown or tan blazer + white jeans.  Think “urban safari” and add statement gemstones and/or animal-print accessories.
  35. A brown or tan corduroy blazer + a brown turtleneck/sweater + white/ivory jeans/pants.
  36. Brown tweed blazer + ivory corduroys.  Add a knit scarf + high heels.
  37. Brown shirt + ivory chinos.  Add a cool necklace, ring and heels.
  38. A brown cardigan + white/ivory turtleneck + white/ivory pants.
  39. A brown (faux) suede jacket open over a silk animal-print top + white/ivory jeans/pants.  You might want to add a green silk scarf.
  40. A brown cardigan + a lavender top + ivory cords.
  41. A brown cardigan + a gray or white t-shirt + white/ivory jeans/pants. Belt and add earrings.
  42. A long-sleeve brown lace top + white cargo pants + heeled booties.
  43. A camel sweater set + white/ivory chinos, cargoes or trousers.  Add a big beige & cream scarf.
  44. A navy blazer + a navy turtleneck + white/ivory jeans/chinos/pants.  Add gold.  You might like to add an olive utility jacket.
  45. A navy (or other color) velvet shirt + white/cream jeans or cargoes.
  46. A navy sweater or long-sleeve top + white jeans or cords.

    White jeans – outfit combinations at You Look Fab
  47. A gray, red, black or green cardigan+ a white tee + white jeans.  Belt and add earrings.
  48. A chunky gray cardigan + white jeans + a long-sleeve t-shirt or a tailored or slouchy tee or a button-down or knitted top or a lightweight pullover.  Add booties and accessories.
  49. A gray cardigan worn as a top (unbutton to make a ‘v-neck’ and push back sleeves to elbows) + white/ivory jeans/pants.  Add gold bangles & hoops.
  50. A green cardigan + a long-sleeve olive tie-dye t-shirt + ivory chinos.
  51. A green cardigan + a green shell + white jeans/pants.  Add hoop earrings.
  52. An olive utility jacket + white/ivory jeans + a black shirt.  Add heavy boots + a black beret.
  53. A rose-color sweater or cardi as top + white jeans.  Add nude or tan heels or boots.
  54. A red chunky turtleneck sweater + white/ivory jeans/pants.  Add booties.  You might also want to add a white jacket.
  55. A red cashmere sweater + white jeans/pants.  Add black and white pearls + gold bangles.
  56. A red cable-knit sweater + white jeans.
  57. A sweater in any shade of red + white jeans + a bold gold chain necklace.
  58. A cobalt (or jewel color) cardigan + a white camisole + white pants.  Add jewelry of choice.
  59. A jewel-tone cardigan (embellished or not) + a white/cream camisole + white/cream jeans/pants.
  60. A teal (or other color) sweater  or turtleneck + white pants + a pendant.
  61. A teal (or other color) wrap cardigan over a gray or ivory lacy camisole + white jeans or chinos.
  62. A teal (or other color) cardigan + white camisole + white pants.  Add pearls or a long silver chain/bead necklace.
  63. A teal (or other color) cardigan + a white tank tucked into white trousers.  Add a gold belt + a chunky gold chain necklace + gold earrings.
  64. A long-sleeve charcoal t-shirt + white jeans + a jean jacket.  Add a plaid scarf + taupe booties + big hoop earrings + a watch & bracelet + aviator sunglasses if sunny.
  65. A long-sleeve charcoal or gray top or sweater + a white/ivory cardigan + white/ivory jeans or cords.
  66. A periwinkle printed shirt as jacket over a periwinkle tunic over white velour or velvet leggings (or use a different color for the tops).  Layer a few chains and beads with a pendant.  You might want to roll the sleeves.
  67. Plaid + black + white jeans.  Choose your pieces based on what you have:  a plaid jacket with black top, or a plaid shirt + black jacket or cardi.
  68. A neutral-toned tweed blazer over a colorful blouse + white/ivory jeans/pants.
  69. A corduroy jacket or blazer (any color) + white jeans or cargoes.
  70. A wool blazer and/or chunky knit or button-front sweater (any color) + white jeans/chinos.  Add booties.  Keep the bag modern & sleek.

Was this helpful?  Let me know if this is user-friendly for you.  Leave your comments below!

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