How to Create Colorful Outfits This Fall

Valentino Couture Fall 2017
Valentino Couture Fall 2017

Often, the older women get the freer they feel to experiment with colors and shapes to express their true selves.  Color can also make you look younger not only with the exuberant use of color but also by bringing out the best in your features.  However, age doesn’t matter.  Don’t we all want to have fun with color and look better because of it?  With that in mind, my list that combines Pantone’s Fall Colors 2017 (at bottom) is freely experimental.  Have fun with it!Back when Spring hadn’t even begun yet, New York Fashion Week showed its Fall 2017 collections.  I’m not usually in a hurry to end summer; I try to appreciate the present moment and not rush time.  Now that Summer is ending and the days are cooling, I am finally feeling ready to think about Fall colors and warmer clothes.  Do you feel the same way?

The Pantone Color Institute analyzes the colors shown by New York designers and highlights the top ten for you to mix and match in your wardrobe for the coming season.  This year, they added London Fashion Week as well to their Fall color report.  These colors can be found as you shop for Fall clothes.

From Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2017 – New York 

“There is a commonality between the colors we are seeing on the runway in New York and London.” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “However, individuality is evident and we are seeing a distinct difference between the shows in the two cities in the way these same colors are being combined.”

These colors, though mostly warm, can be adapted for those who look best in cool colors.  Neutral gray can pair easily with just about any color; and besides, it is a classic fall “comfy” color.  If your best colors are cool, try:  port wine, pastel pink, navy, spruce, soft blue, and lilac as well as gray.

Eiseman suggests mixing the standout shades of Ballet Slipper, Golden Lime and Marina Blue with the classic autumnal shades of Navy Peony, Neutral Gray, Butterum and Tawny Port.

From Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2017 – London

London’s Fall palette is similar to New York’s this year.  Navy Peony anchors both palettes, and can take the place of black in your Fall outfits.  You can consider each palette as a paint box to choose from as you mix colors to paint your sartorial creations.

Eiseman advises:  “Unexpected combinations such as Royal Lilac and Otter Brown or Lemon Curry with Blue Bell are eye-arresting and create an unusual color dichotomy.”

If you dress for mood, here are the meanings of the colors:

  • Reds:   Power, confidence, demands attention
  • Wine/Burgundy:  Opulent, sophisticated, tasteful
  • Pinks:  Nice, Sweet, loving, gentle, tender, romantic, embracing
  • Browns/Tans:  Earthy, grounding, and if a warm color:  warmhearted
  • Blues:  Cool, tranquil, peaceful
  • Navy:  Solid, stable, dependable
  • Gray:  Practical, calm, quiet, conservative
  • Spruce Green:  Cool, sheltering, protective
  • Lime Green:  Refreshing, renewing, life, energy
  • Olive Green:  Peace, sturdiness
  • Royal Lilac:  Enchanting, spiritual, as well as royal
  • Lemon Curry:  Exotic, spicy

Illustrator and designer Sarah Renae Clark posted 25 color palettes on her blog using Pantone’s Fall colors.  You can use them as inspiration to combine the colors in your outfits or in your home decorating.  Here’s an example:

One of 25 color palettes inspired by Pantone Fall 2017 at

Now, here are some simple color combinations based on these Fall colors that I have come up with to build your outfits around:

  1. Tone down Ballet Slipper, Primrose Pink, Blue Bell, Toast and Butterum with shots of Navy Peony and black or amp them up with pops of neon.
  2. Try Grenadine, Flame Scarlet or Marina with Butterum.  Look to hits of Tawny Port the tie them together.
  3. Try a striped top in any of the vibrant Pantone colors over classic navy trousers.  For variety, add a blouse underneath in a color that matches one of the stripes.  Avoid sensory overload with black flats and a creamy cross-body bag.
  4. To the warmth of Lemon Curry, add the coolness of Ballet Slipper, Primrose Pink or Blue Bell.  Evoke the exotic feel of the Curry with fluid silhouettes like flowing drawstring pants or swishy skirts.  Keep it modern with structured extras in neutrals such as Butterum or Toast block heels or a Navy Peony cross-body bag.
  5. Navy Peony + Marina or Blue Bell
  6. Grenadine + Neutral Gray
  7. Shaded Spruce + Golden Lime.  You may want to add Marina or Neutral Gray as accents.
  8. Marina or Blue Bell + Royal Lilac
  9. Lemon Curry + Golden Olive.  May add orange accents.
  10. Grenadine or Flame Scarlet + Shaded Spruce or Golden Lime
  11. Golden Olive + Neutral Gray, Ballet Slipper, Primrose Pink, Butterum or Toast
  12. Golden Lime + Ballet Slipper or Primrose Pink can bring a pretty flush to your skin.
  13. Royal Lilac + Flame Scarlet, teal or ivory
  14. Shaded Spruce + Neutral Gray.  May add accents in black and white.
  15. Tawny Port or Navy Peony + Marina, Blue Bell, Ballet Slipper or Primrose Pink.  The deep shade of port wine or navy can have the same like-you-dropped-a-size effect as black, so wear it where you want to look smaller.
  16. Royal Lilac top + bottoms in Neutral Gray, black, brown, ivory or Navy Peony.
  17. Neutral Gray top + charcoal gray bottoms.
  18. Navy Peony + Grenadine or Flame Scarlet + lavender
  19. White + Neutral Gray + animal print
  20. Tawny Port + turquoise
  21. Neutral Gray (and/or any other shades of gray) + white + pops of color
  22. Marina or Blue Bell + cadet blue, royal blue, blue-green or light sky blue
  23. Royal Lilac + silver
  24. Marina or Blue Bell + cobalt.  Wear the cobalt blue on the part of your body you want to bring attention to.
  25. Grenadine or Flame Scarlet + Lemon Curry + Golden Olive

If you have any favorite combinations of these Fall colors that you’d like to share with us, let us know in the comments below!

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