How to Dress the Warmest on the Coldest Days

When the bitter winter cold hits, try some of the following tips to dress as cozy and warm as possible without looking too bulky. These hacks will keep anyone comfy. Age doesn’t matter. So read on and feel free to try some of these ideas!

When my neck is covered I tend to feel warm all over, so a turtleneck or a scarf works wonders to keep me comfortable.  For extra warmth, add a chunky sweater over your turtleneck.

On the other hand (or leg…), over-the-knee boots over a pair of skinnies provides protection to your legs, which makes a big difference in keeping you toasty when the wind chills.

Add warm layers under your coat, such as a Hoodie and a fleece vest. I bought a quilted bomber jacket to use as the perfect lining under any of my winter coats to make them extra warm. In fact, you can add any jacket under your coat. A faux fur vest is handy, too.

RL quilted bomber
Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Satin Bomber Jacket


There are fleece-lined leggings and tights nowadays that keep you extra warm even when you wear a dress on days that are not as cold. (The coverage of a maxi dress adds a layer of protection on those days as well, especially in a thicker material such as corduroy or velvet.)


fleece tights
Fleece lined tights from LOFT

Embrace multiple layers.

A warm base layer makes a ton of difference. Silk or thermal tops and bottoms are a great place to start. Silk is so thin and yet it traps your body heat to provide extra warmth.

Heattech Extra Warm Turtleneck T-Shirt from Uniqlo

Layer a sleeveless dress with a turtleneck t-shirt under it and a pullover sweater on top.

Add a cashmere tank under any sweater.

With a white top and any black pants, layer a black leather moto jacket under a fur jacket.

To stop the heat from escaping your body, be sure to cover the extremities.  Add a good-looking warm hat, gloves and boots.

Below Freezing

  • A camisole or tank + a t-shirt + a long-sleeve sweater or shirt + thick tights or leggings under your pants or jeans.  Add a warm coat on your way out the door.
  • A long-sleeve plaid shirt + a boyfriend cardigan + skinny jeans + snow boots.  Add tights + a scarf + a woolly headband + gloves + a coat.
  • A turtleneck sweater + a tank underneath + warm tights under straight-leg jeans of any color.  Add booties.

Blizzard Conditions

In the worst case scenario of having to do business in a blizzard (as in New York, New Jersey and New England this week), try:

  • Footless tights as an extra layer of warmth under your pants, or
  • A long-sleeve thermal under your favorite button-down and tailored trousers that are loose or wide-leg. Add statement jewelry. Once inside, you might like to roll up your sleeves to show the thermal cuffs.

Last but not least, get a warm hug from your significant other!  😀

This winter, I will also add a post on turtleneck outfits and a an update on the fun of layering, so stay tuned and come back often!  You might also like to read one of my previous posts:  “How to Look Great in the Cold? Layer Up!”, “12 Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots”, “40 Remarkable Ways to Look Terrific in a Faux Fur Vest”, and “What’s the Coat That Will Make You Warm & Glamorous?”

Let us know what works for you when you want extra warmth in Winter. Leave your comments below!

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