How to Find the Jeans You’ll Love

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Jeans are a basic classic item that goes with anything.  Age doesn’t matter; I consider a pair of jeans to be essential to every wardrobe!  But finding the perfect-fitting pair is the hard part. 

Here is some guidance to help you find the right jeans for you.  Following are the most popular brands and fits, as well as a few things I have discovered during my own individual search for the best jeans.

Old Navy

One day I was working on a project with a group of twenty-somethings.  One of the young women gasped at an alert that came on her cell phone and said,  “Old Navy is having a sale!  I’m going to have to go there after work.  They are the only place that have jeans that fit me.”  Her body shape was totally different than mine, but I decided I would also go after work and see if they had the magical perfect pair of jeans for me, too.  She said they had lots of different styles and cuts.

So I went and took the time to try on numerous pairs of jeans.  Lo and behold, I found two styles that are perfect for me!  It was the Rockstar Micro-Flare and the Flirt skinny.  I also bought the Original fit straight jeans and love them!

However, it was really important that I took the time to try everything on.  I might have taken a couple of hours going through the store and trying on all the styles.  The perfect size in the Rockstar is a size up from my usual pant size, and the perfect size in the Flirt is a size down from my usual.

I am slim in the hips, and pants often balloon out at the hips in empty pockets of fabric on me.  The Rock Star is a slim cut and has a mini boot cut.  I started out with dark denim.  Later, I bought black ones and then another pair of indigo.  I love them so much, I wish they had it in colors, too.

I also wish they would keep stocking them.  But as stores tend to do, they have been phasing out.  This suggests that the search for the perfect jeans never ends.  It also suggests that trying on jeans is a lifetime occupation!

old navy
Old Navy Original Skinny Jeans



Before going to Old Navy, I had a perfectly fitting pair of jeans which was discontinued.  It was the Mia jean from Express.  However, I no longer trust the sturdiness of the denim fabric at Express.

I bought two pair of Mia jeans.  One was dark denim, which has lasted.  But the other pair was a soft stonewashed denim.  It split at the seam one day without me realizing it until someone walking behind me told me about it.  I had to run and hide immediately while my husband went to get the car and picked me up close to where I was stranded.  Thank goodness I at least had some pretty panties on that day!

Lesson learned:  watch out for stonewashed denim.  Check the seams and determine whether the material will hold up with wear.  And keep checking the seams throughout the life of the jeans (and throughout the day).  Lol!

White Mid Rise Stretch Skyscraper Jeans from Express

Pajama Jeans

I have since realized that I love Pajama Jeans!  They are form-fitting in a soft, thick fabric that stretched to fit in a very comfortable way.  After ordering from the company, I discovered that you need to get one size up from your normal size.  These jeans are so (comfortably) tight and stretchy that your normal size will be a bit small.  They look great, and they keep their shape as you move and as they go through wash after wash.  There are several types available, from blue denim to colored jeans to trouser jeans.  I recommend these highly!

Pajama Jeans


I’ve read many a time that women like to find a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans in their size because they love the fit and the look so much.  In August, the editors at voted Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans the favorite after testing hundreds of jeans to find the best.  I don’t know how many of us would like the Wedgie Fit, but in general Levi’s are a classically top choice for their sturdiness and fit.

501 Skinny Jeans

American Eagle

I’ve also read in magazines that the Artist Flare Jean by American Eagle is an all-around favorite fit. recommends it for tummy control and for dressy occasions.  They do a good job of covering all shapes and all occasions in their article “Great Jeans for Your Shape for Under $70.”

Artist Flare Jean from American Eagle Outfitters

Gap & J Brand

Huffington Post names Gap and J Brand, along with Levi’s, as the usual top favorites in an article that lists lesser-known companies that make amazing jeans.  So if you’re still searching after trying all the jeans recommended above, read their article “The Best Jeans Brands You Should be Wearing but Might Not Know About” here.

J Brand
Ruby High-Rise Cropped Cigarette in Lovesick from J Brand

Whether you are a jeans and t-shirt type of girl or not, you may be interested in reading my tips on “How to Make Jeans and a Tee Look More Interesting”.  

What are your favorite jeans?  Let us in on your secret!  Leave your comments below….Thanks!

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