How to Gain A New Perspective on Holiday Outfit Colors

At Christmas time, what colors come to mind?  Red and green, right?  But there are other holiday colors as well.  What if true red and true green are not colors that look best on you?  Age doesn’t matter.  What matters is what you love and what looks best on you.  Think of the beautiful, artistically decorated Christmas trees and lights…blue and white, silver and gold, etc.  Maybe some other set of colors is more you.  Let’s take a look at holiday color combinations to wear besides the usual red and green…

Any shade of red and any shade of green

Your reds can range from pinks to deep burgundy and from mint to forest green. Include blue greens, wine, marsala, coral red, etc.  For instance, you might try army green with burgundy:

A variation of the Christmas colors red and green.

And here’s an example of blue-green with red:

blue green and red
Blue-green and red outfit as seen in “22 Trendy Fashion Combinations” at All For Fashion Design
An example of pink and green on Who What Wear

Nude, Pale, Golden and Silvery Colors

Nude-color clothes are good for evening events and can be combined with black or Christmas accent colors, such as red.  Pale-color clothes are feminine, delicate, and subtle, which make them glamorous and sensual rather than all-out sexy for evening.  Use any pale color for your outfit and add crystals, pearls, and/or other pale jewels.  If you’d rather use metallic jewelry to go with your pale outfits for special events, choose fine, delicate pieces.  Silver and gold are definitely the colors of Christmas and its gifts.  They shine, so taking a cue from that, you can really wear almost any colors and just add sparkle, silver and/or gold!

nude dress
ASOS WHITE Square Panel Soft Midi Dress in Nude
silver xmas
Silver outfit from Soft Surroundings
FP rose gold
Kristal’s Limited Edition Holiday Dress from Free People in Rose Gold
vanilla and gold
Shimmering Popover – Glitter Dots from Talbot’s

 Blue and Silver

blue and silver
Bluegold Floral Coat with Silver Wide-Legs from Anthropologie

Black and Gold

Black and gold outfit shown at Chictopia


To get in the mood, you can add holiday colors to your outfits every day.  You don’t have to wait for the parties!  🙂

Let us know in the comments below if you try any of these colors for Christmas!

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