How to Get Festive for Thanksgiving, with 20 Outfits

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A tunic dress + skinnies + a long pendant…and let your hair be messy!

This Thanksgiving, get dressed for yourself.  You can wear something casual or wear something fancy or just wear something you love.  But let it make you happy and express what’s inside of you — feeling thankful for yourself, your loved ones and all of the wonderful things in your life.  Age doesn’t matter; be your true self!

Something loose, not fitted, is called for when joining with family and close friends for a relaxing Thanksgiving feast.  It’s a casually intimate evening, but it’s also the beginning of the holidays.  So even if it’s game night, you can wear something nicer than usual if you feel like it!

The first thing that might come to mind is a sweater and jeans, but wouldn’t it be nice to add a touch of bling?  Or, you could wear a dressy top with your comfiest jeans.  Or you could wear jeans and a t-shirt and then layer pearl necklaces with your favorite chains and charm necklaces.  A tunic or caftan top is forgiving; and if you are the hostess, a long caftan is comfy and sweepingly special.  Choose what’s uniquely you.

Here are some ways you might like to simply add a special touch to a normal everyday outfit:  a glittery headband (bonus:  instantly your hair is done!), a leopard or metallic scarf, a faux fur scarf or vest, a statement piece of jewelry, or metallic shoes.

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner, mixed prints – by Instyle

Here are some outfit combinations to get your ideas flowing.  Substitute with whatever you like.

  1. A bedazzled t-shirt + dark-rinse jeans.  Add special shoes, jewelry and a pashmina.
  2. A plaid shirt + blue jeans + a leopard scarf and/or bling.
  3. A black cardigan or jacket + a black shell + any comfortable bottoms.  Add a statement necklace.
  4. Leggings + a tunic or long sweater or long jacket.  Add tall boots or ballet flats.
  5. An oversize sweater + destroyed skinny jeans + ankle boots.  Add a statement piece of jewelry.

    An oversize sweater + black skinnies + a statement necklace
  6. An oversize sweater + matching leggings (in a dressier texture, like:  velvet, leopard, snakeskin, leather…)  Add ankle boots + a long pendant.  You might also want to add a leopard bag.  Curl your hair and then just run your fingers through.
  7. A roomy sweater over a comfortable skirt.  Add booties.
  8. A velvet tunic shirt + black leggings.  Add ornate earrings + bangles with crystals; Or, a short necklace in collar + gold bracelets; Or, big ornate earrings + a charm or link bracelet.  Push up sleeves.
  9. A velvet tunic + blue jeans.  Add earrings + a short delicate chain necklace with a string of beads + a big ring.
  10. A chunky sweater + skinny jeans + dressy booties.

    Sweats for Thanksgiving – by Fashion Fairy Dust
  11. A sweater over a slip dress + combat boots or moto boots.
  12. A stretch velvet dress + black tights + black flats.  Add a multi-chain necklace + delicate earrings.
  13. A lace turtleneck + blue jeans.  Add a long gold sparkly pendant.  Curl your hair and sweep it up.
  14. A beaded cardigan + a long tank top + skinny jeans.

    embellished cardigan
    Kira Cardigan from Sundance
  15. A short-sleeved lace top + blue jeans.  Add statement earrings in a pale color or metallic.
  16. A shift dress + a pendant + heels.
  17. A silk blouse + comfortable black pants.  Add bold makeup, such as hot pink or hot coral lipstick.  Sweep your hair up.
  18. A shimmery tunic + any jeans.  Add snazzy flat boots + a long necklace.  You could even add a beanie.
  19. A black t-shirt tucked into black velour drawstring pants + an embellished vest.
  20. A short black jersey a-line or swing dress + black tights + black ballet flats.  Add a black tote bag + black liquid eyeliner.
    A swing dress with a leopard scarf

    What is your favorite outfit to wear on Thanksgiving?  Let us know in the comments below!

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