How to Get that Free-Spirited Gypsy Style

I love the flowing, eclectic, colorful and embellished outfits put together in the gypsy style.  It’s free-spirited!  You can dress for your true self, and age doesn’t matter.  I often see artistic women of a certain age in multi-color, sweeping skirts with loads of jewelry.

Today’s Gypsy style is like to a global, bohemian style; thus, the offshoot of Gypset — a style adopted by jet-setters who travel the globe.  The modern Gypsy style is an exotic combination of tribal, art deco, hippie, ethnic, gothic,  and of course vintage.

Gypset style book
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How to dress like a gypsy:

  1. Colors — wine, camel, brown, gold, olive.
  2. Jewelry — ethnic, stacked bangles (5-6 thin ones or 1-2 thick ones per arm), big rings (turquoise, amber, rose quartz, jasper), a toe ring, chandelier earrings or gold hoops.
  3. Scarves — paisley, or a solid if wearing a busy blouse; around neck or around head or as a belt (or a leather belt with a giant elaborate buckle).
  4. Boots — clean-cut designs or Uggs.
  5. Jeans — boot-cuts.
  6. Velvet — i.e., a top or skirt or pants or dress.
  7. Peasant tops or tunics — including paisley
coin necklace
Gypsy Style Bohemian Vintage Coin Necklace 

Some outfit ideas:

  • Try a crushed velvet or soft (such as chiffon) dresses with a shawl, a fedora, and heavy jewelry contrasted with ripped jeans, shaggy knitwear and fur.  You may want to add chunky wedges and a tiered chiffon slip.
  • A billowy blouse inside a full, colorful, long skirt + a vest.  Add beads, a necklace, a scarf or scarves as a belt.  Or — add a sarong over the skirt.  Or — add pants under the skirt.

Do you like gypsy or gypset style?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “How to Get that Free-Spirited Gypsy Style

  1. I love the gypsy/boho look on others, but not on me. For example. Stevie Nicks owns that gypsy vibe, but if she dressed in a plaid skirt with a turtleneck, tights and ballet flats, it wouldn’t be her.

    But it is fun to incorporate bits and pieces–like big hoops or a colorful scarf. I’m going to read your posts because I can tell already from reading this post and your “about”–that I’m going to be loving this blog.

    It was so great to meet you on Saturday and I’m glad you had a safe trip home!!!!!!

    1. I had a wonderful time in New York! Thanks for your comment; good input. I love the gypsy/boho look so I’ll wear it, but usually as you said: a piece or two at a time. Making it modern is best anyway!

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