How to Look Boho Chic 35 Ways

Boho-chic is my favorite style; it reflects my true self.   You may or may not have known bohemian style when it first began.  Age doesn’t matter.  Bohemian chic is a modern trend.  Just wear what you normally would and add a couple of boho elements to create an updated version of this classic look. 

Embroidery is one element of boho style that is popular right now.  Embroidery can be found on tops, jeans, dresses and more.  And it is the extra finishing touch to make a simple top and jeans look stylish instead of just plain, even for hanging around the house.

The modern-day bohemian also wears:

  • lightweight, loose-fitting garments,
  • natural fabrics like linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, fur, suede, leather, denim, cotton, etc.
  • crochet and lace,
  • embroidered mesh,
  • fringe,
  • geometric prints,
  • tunic tops,
  • lacy and loose-knit cardigans and sweaters,
  • maxi dresses,
  • maxi skirts,
  • flared pants or jeans,
  • loads of chunky and ethnic jewelry with natural stones and materials (like wood, coral, turquoise, feathers, suede),
  • oversize, patterned scarves,
  • head-wraps and embellished hair bands (these last two are great for dressing up a bad-hair-day ponytail),
  • a wide-brimmed hat or fedora,
  • big sunglasses,
  • a bohemian purse (such as a cross-body bag, a hobo bag, a fringed bag, or messenger bag especially in canvas or suede),
  • neutral-color ankle boots,
  • gladiator sandals.

    Kimono by Wows on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Bohemian Outfit Ideas

  1. Think hippie:  a peasant top or tie-dyed shirt + a long skirt, sarong, shorts or tie-dyed jeans.  Add beads, a peace sign pin or necklace, or flower.  You may also add a fringed vest, leather sandals, chain belt, brown leather watch, multiple bangles on one wrist, multiple rings, and/or a scarf belt.  Wear natural makeup.
  2. A quick and comfortable outdoor ensemble:  a maxi skirt + a v-neck tee + a floppy sun hat.
  3. For fairs, outdoor concerts, picnics, and more:  A sundress + a straw hat.  Add sandals + big sunglasses.
  4. Date night:  A printed maxi dress + chunky jewelry + wedge sandals.
  5. A little black dress + any of the following:  sunglasses, funky boots, a fringed shoulder bag, Birkenstock sandals, patterned tights, giant earrings, a long patterned scarf from India.
  6.  A simple maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt and a vest. Add gladiator sandals.
  7. A maxi skirt + a button-down flannel or chambray top. Add canvas sneakers.
  8. Ankle boots + skinny jeans + a loose-knit sweater.  You may want to add a hippie headpiece, such as a head-wrap or an embellished headband.
  9. A dress or skirt + ankle boots.  Go for more fitted shoes when wearing maxi skirts, but the shorter the skirt, the clunkier you can make your shoes!
  10. A hi-lo skirt + any top + fringed suede ankle boots.  Add a statement necklace.
  11. A denim vest + a printed maxi dress.
  12. A distressed sweater + a dress.  Add ankle boots.
  13. A tank top + an oversize crocheted sweater + bell bottoms or flares.  Add a high-heeled pair of clogs. Add a cross-body bag + wide headband around your head.
  14. A cardigan or sweater + a chambray button-down + corduroys or skinny cargo pants.  Add ankle boots.
  15. A lacy-knit cardigan + a short floral dress.  Add a belt over the cardi + an oversize scarf + knee-high boots + opaque tights + legwarmers or knee-high socks.
  16. A fitted v-neck + boyfriend jeans.  Add a huge scarf + ballet flats.soft teal scarf

    SS desert stars skirt
    From Soft Surroundings
  17. A tunic t-shirt + a vest + skinny jeans.
  18. A tunic top + flared jeans.  Add platform sandals + earthy jewelry.
  19. A tunic + leggings.  Add a scarf + knee high boots.
  20. A geometric jacket or cardi + jeans.  Add ankle boots + a hat.
  21. A chambray shirt + a multi-colored pencil skirt.  Add gladiator sandals.
  22. A full and flowing printed maxi dress + platform sandals.  Add chunky wood bangles.
  23. A vest + a short, floral dress,
  24. A vest + a maxi dress,
  25. A vest + a plain t-shirt + any bottoms.
  26. A denim vest + a plain v-neck t-shirt + a maxi skirt.  Add sandals + a headpiece.
  27. A crocheted vest + a floral dress.
  28. A crocheted vest + a t-shirt + jeans.
  29. A fringed vest + a little black dress.
  30. A fringed vest + jeans + a tee.
  31. heeled clogs. Bell bottoms also look fab with platform sandals, (#5) gladiators, or pumps.
  32. A crocheted sweater + flared jeans + a big, colorful scarf. Add a huge pair of sunglasses + high-heeled clogs, platform sandals, gladiator sandals, or pumps.
  33. A very short tunic-length dress + skinny jeans.  Add platform sandals + a cross-body bag.
  34. A loose-knit sweater + a maxi skirt.  Add a pashminaankle boots + a head-wrap.
  35. A white t-shirt + skinnies + a pair of casual canvas sneakers will look instantly cool with an oversize scarf.  Add earthy statement jewelry and a hobo bag.

    FP boho maxi
    From Free People


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