How to Reveal without Revealing: Detroit Designers Astound

IMG_0539Over the holiday weekend, I attended the Walk Fashion Show in Detroit’s Eastern Market district.  The venue was big enough to accommodate a large runway, a light-show backdrop, photography shoots, fashion and beauty vendors, food and drink stands, and the designers with plenty of front-row and close-up seating.  The only thing was the acoustics; it was hard to understand what the announcer was saying.

I was most interested in the emerging designers.  There was street wear and evening wear.  I was not so interested in the tight, revealing, body-con outfits.  And it seemed to me that was what the independent designers at the show were focused upon.

The first emerging designer in the show was Teasers Boutique (Facebook page:  Teasers Boutique – Paulette).  Although their club wear can really be tight and short, there were some really interesting outfits that could possibly be worn by anyone.  Although they were sheer, there were only peeks of sheerness here and there with all else covered by unique design details.  When you can see but not see, age doesn’t matter.

Barely sheer sleeves
Covered by crochet and black inset panels

Up next was AYV.  They are based in Midtown Detroit and feature street wear.  There were lots of leggings in the evening’s show, and AYV’s joggers were no exception.  They were so form-fitting that they were just about leggings with gathered ankle hems.  I liked it.

AYV joggers
The focus is on the joggers

Next was Kizzed, featuring handmade goddess-size clothing by Chamere Payton.  As her website says, she makes size sexy fashion for every curve.  She also makes custom glitter lipstick.

At the end of her show, the models held up signs that said:  Phenomenal, Inspired, Empowered, Worthy, Strong, Beautiful and Godly.

Kizzed group focused
Royal Chamere’s Kizzed line of goddess-size designs, flanked by an angel on the left.

Designs by Ashbee Clark followed, including a floral hoodie and a sleeveless blue duster with a silver design on the back.  You can find this designer on Instagram at designsbyashbeeclark.

Floral hoodie

C. Creations by Cheryl Zemke climaxed with a red dress, while her models were veiled in black mesh.

Ccreations red dress
One of Cheryl Zemke’s C.Creations

Marchell Lavon finished up the show with gold maxi dresses.  (You can find her on Facebook at Marchell Lavon Designs.)

Gold maxi dress
Design By Marchell Lavon

Vendors added even more interest to the show.

MarjiLiz and April Mason from Grand Rapids, Michigan, sell gemstones and leather on gold chains and wire wrap for affordable prices.


Qute just opened on 8 Mile Road in Eastpointe, Michigan, at the beginning of May.  Their necklaces and body chains are lavish.  They are made to dress to impress!


Rejuvinations Shoes by Sierra Latrice in Detroit specializes in women’s larger shoe sizes, 10-15.  Although the platforms and heels are high, they also have flat embellished sandals.


Rejuv shoes
Rejuvinations Shoes

And finally, 23Kissez is a line of lipstick and lip gloss formulas composed of ultra-sheer and shine colors and they are all made with high-standard moisture restoring, non-sticky ingredients and delicious tastes and scents.  Created locally by Jody Horton and her daughters, who have taste-tested their creations.  23Kissez is cruelty-free, not tested on animals.


So what do you think?  Are you interested in checking out any of these designs and products?  Would you like me to review more fashion shows like this, or would you like to read about something different?   Let me know in the comments below.  Sign up for emails to get future blog posts as they come out every Thursday and Saturday.  Follow YourTrueSelfBlog on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Thanks! — Angie


3 thoughts on “How to Reveal without Revealing: Detroit Designers Astound

  1. I read this entire post, even though I’m not a fashion fan! I no longer live in Detroit but am interested to see what entrepreneurs are doing there. The post (and show) demonstrated how unique Detroit is.

    1. Thanks for your interest, Elaine! There’s always more gong on in Detroit than people would know. I don’t think the media does a good job of covering the culture here.

    2. It’s amazing, isn’t it, Elaine, how much creativity there is in the Detroit area? It’s always been that way. This area is a percolator that just needs elected officials (such as a governor) who will encourage it, as well as a media that brings it to light.

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