The Secrets of How to Live to 100

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I don’t know about you, but I want to have lifelong health for at least 100 years or beyond!  There are plenty of role models in this world letting us know that age doesn’t matter; it doesn’t have to stop movement, exploration, learning, beauty, self-expression.  Your true self is love, it’s wisdom, and it doesn’t stop.

With that in mind, I am presenting links to articles and videos on centenarians and how they made it to age 100 or more.

I have to say here that I truly believe that exercise is the fountain of youth.  Ponce de Leon was looking for an actual fountain, of something in the water, for that miracle serum that you might get out of a bottle.  But our bodies were made to move, and as long as we’re moving we shall keep going.  As they say, use it or lose it.

Here is a video  by Advanced Style of Tao Porchon-Lynch, a 98-year-old yoga master:

After watching this video, I felt that energy and spirit are the forces of life that emanate youth.  This woman is in touch with that source energy.  Since I started blogging for women over 60, I have seen so many vibrant older women.  I have come to the conclusion that energy is youth.

And then there’s the Mediterranean diet.  Research is showing that it is a key to living a longer life.   The main components of the Mediterranean diet are fruits, vegetables, olive oils and nuts, because they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.  For more information on this diet, here’s a link:

I came across this article that would make anyone curious:  “REVEALED: Centenarians shocking secrets to a long life” (

After reading the article, I’m not sure there is anything in particular to do to ensure long life, other than whiskey, sex, and whatever makes you happy…especially when I found articles about a centenarian who attributes his long life to eating at Mickey D’s!  What really counts seems to be just doing what you enjoy.

For a host of articles and videos about centenarians, go to: to link up.

In one of the Huff Post articles, “Here’s What 7,707 Years Of Wisdom From America’s Centenarians Tell Us,” photographer Paul Mobley shot photos of centenarians all over the United States.   In the end, “He noted that all centenarians had two things in common: they stayed active throughout their lives and made sure they had something to look forward to every single day ― whether it was a call from a loved one or playing pool with a friend. In addition, after researching the book, Mobley says he believes longevity is just 30 percent genetics and 70 percent how you live your life.

“If you sit on your couch, lose contact with friends and don’t stay active, you go pretty quick,” he said.  (

Here’s one of the Huff Post videos on the first 100-year-old to model for Vogue magazine:

And to wrap it all up, here’s a link to a cute video interview by Allure magazine, “The Best Beauty Advice from Centenarians”:

If you want to live a very long life, like I do, try the Mediterranean diet, regular exercise, and enjoying life while you have it (which means doing whatever you love to do, including eating and drinking whatever you like, sex or no, etc.  😉  So I guess it’s totally up to you in the end!  Joy is the key.

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