What’s Special About You? Make the Best of What You Have!

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I have a simple little thing to tell you today:  Make the best of what you have.  Age doesn’t matter.  No matter what age, size or body type you are, you can always appreciate your good points and take care of them and play them up.

A long time ago, when my children were small, I had a woman come in to clean my house to help me catch up on things.  I was apologizing for some old parts of the house that I wasn’t able to replace because of the cost.  She reassured me, “Just make the best of what you have.”  Then she polished it up and when she was done, the whole place felt so sparkling and new.  I felt so much better; she made me happier about my house!

Your body can be like that, too, and your wardrobe.

In my 20’s I was aware that I was in full bloom, but I had no idea that my body would actually peak in my 40’s!  In my 50’s, I was surprised that the world didn’t end; I didn’t feel a whole lot different, I still looked pretty much the same and my health was good.  It didn’t hurt that I had noticed my cousin looking beautiful in her 50’s (she is 15 years older than me), so I hadn’t been afraid of the coming decade.

However, during my 50’s I began to unconsciously cover up more and more.  I guess the widespread ideas in our society that women of a certain age should no longer wear certain things were whispers in my ear that I could no longer wear short skirts, sleeveless tops, low necklines, etc. Besides, I began to feel self-conscious about showing more and more parts of my body as I detected signs of aging in any way.

At the end of my 50’s, I began to realize that people were telling me I didn’t look as old as my years.  I suddenly thought, “Well, then, I should make the best of what I have while I still have it.”  That gave me the courage to enter my 60’s; and now I find that that’s not so bad either, as long as you have your health.

As Cherie of Style Nudge explained at Chico’s style event in New York recently, “When women get older, they often stop putting an effort into how they look…I want to encourage women to try new ideas, play with their clothes, find their own style and to take style risks.  All you need sometimes is a little ‘Nudge’.”

shelbee and cherie
Midlife style bloggers from Shelbee on the Edge and the Style Nudge at Chico’s NYC Meetup

Growing up, there is acne.  When the acne goes away, there is dry skin, wrinkles, sagging skin…there is always something, so we may as well work with what we have now. 

A long time ago, I realized that I am always younger than I will ever be again.  So if you’re in your 60’s, women in their 70’s or 80’s may very well consider you young!

This is just a simple reminder:  Make the best of what you have!

Tell us how YOU make that best of what you have.  What are your thoughts?  Tell us in the comments below!

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