Will We Look and Feel Absolutely Amazing After 70?

Shopping at Meijer, I spotted an interesting woman, nicely-dressed with voluminous white hair.  As we passed each other, I stopped in my tracks.  I introduced myself and she told me her name was Sandy.  I asked if she would mind posing for a photo and she said, “Sure!”.  We looked around us and said in unison, “in front of…eggs?!”  We were next to the dairy case.  Baked goods looked much nicer, so we moved along to the case of special occasion cakes to take our photo.

When she told me she was 76, my jaw dropped in disbelief with the same reaction that everyone else probably has.  She said, “The number is scary, but I don’t feel old and I don’t think I look old.”  I said, “Oh my gosh, you give me hope that I won’t just shrivel up and get old when I’m in my 70’s!”  Obviously, age doesn’t matter!

A lady walked by and asked if Sandy got her skirt at Soft Surroundings because she had gotten the exact same skirt from softsurroundings.com (similar, here).  But Sandy said it was a Ralph Lauren skirt that she had gotten from Macy’s (similar, here) years ago.

The three of us started talking about clothes that we regretted passing up.  Sandy said, “People say ‘when in doubt, don’t’ but I would say ‘when in doubt, DO get it…you can always take it back!”

I told them about a maxi skirt in soft gray and white diagonal stripes that I passed up at Family Dollar last year.  I already had a darker gray knit maxi skirt that I wear often.  But I’ve thought back on the striped one so many times since then that I finally decided I should have gotten it.  :/  So, I said, “Here’s another thought:   How about, ‘when in doubt, don’t…but if you think about it again, go back and get it! Lol!’

We can all make up our own rules.  From my own experience, I believe in listening to my intuition.  Just that little thought in the back of your mind telling you, “But I wish I had gotten that maxi…” is your intuition speaking to you, wanting you to listen.

By the way, it’s amazing how many wonderful pieces I’ve found at the Family Dollar store! It’s like shopping at a thrift store; there’s usually at least one gem if you hunt through what they’ve got.  For example, I have a black lace tunic with ruched short sleeves and an attached camisole; some printed kimonos with crochet lace; a long black crochet vest with fringe; a tiered navy maxi-skirt with embroidery and crochet lace; and a pewter t-shirt with a lattice lace-up v-neck and a beautiful drape that I like so much that I bought another in mauve.

Meijer usually has a treat for me whenever I go.  Stacy London, from “What Not to Wear” fame, has joined the Massini line at Meijer which now offers trendy pieces for sizes small to 3X to upgrade your wardrobe.  This season, for instance, they have ruffles, embroidery, and frayed-hem jeans, among other things.

So, designer or not designer — get fit, move that body, believe in your true self and never give up!  Examples of beautiful women over 60 or 70 are all around us!

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