Would a Sexy New Athletic Top Get You to the Gym?

There’s a new kind of athletic top to flatter you at the gym and on the street, and age doesn’t matter.  It actually looks good on anyone because it slims you, tones your arms, keeps you cool while keeping you covered, and looks sexy to boot!

I’m talking about a new concept in athletic wear created by Jacqui Hook of Tenaz Athletics, her women’s athletic wear company based in sunny San Diego, California. Tenaz is the Spanish word for tenacious. The mission of Tenáz Athletics is to inspire in women a tenacity for staying fit and healthy regardless of age, fitness level, body type, or other perceived obstacles.

I tried one of the athletic tops from the company’s introductory Breathe line.  When it was delivered and I opened the package, I was wowed!  I got the scoop-neck top with turquoise accent stitching.  (Of course!  Turquoise is my favorite color.)

It’s beautiful!  And I love how long it is and how it skims over the body, not tight like most other athletic wear.  The length and the color black are slimming, as well as the colored accent lines which run vertically.

And best of all is Jacqui’s concept of the mesh sleeves that breathe.  They cover and tone your arms, yet the top is as cool as a tank.  The sheer black mesh along the arms and shoulders makes it sexy and dresses it up for wearing morning, noon and night.  The mesh seems strong and doesn’t seem to be prone to snagging or running, although I will be careful with it.

Well, the first thing I thought when I got it was, “Now, I must go to the gym!”  So it is definitely motivating.  When I went, I stayed cooler than ever before as my body heated up from exertion.  And the mesh stretches easily with you, too, as well as being a strong and firm material.

upgraded gym pose
At the Gym

I’ve basically worn athletic t-shirts with leggings up until now, and was vaguely thinking that I should upgrade my exercise wardrobe.  But I had only come up with one good outfit so far.  I was looking for a longer-length top to go with my leggings but couldn’t find any.  Now this top is a definite upgrade.  And it is the length I was looking for.  So it’s a rare find.

Many people have asked if Tenaz tops have UV protection.  Jacqui said, “The answer is no.  The fabric is not treated for UV protection.  That said, after returning home from the (RBAlive!) expo, I saw that my chest was completely sunburned.  But my arms weren’t!  Our beautiful stretch mesh sleeves do help to protect from the sun’s damaging rays!”

These tops will motivate you to exercise.  And to help motivate you even more, Jacqui wrote an article for Sixty&Me called “How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise When You Just Don’t Feel Like It.”  Here are five tips excerpted from her article:

1.  Dress for Success

Eliminating the task of having to change into your workout clothes can go a long way toward getting yourself to that yoga class or starting your run.

Put on your athletic wear as early in the day as possible. If you’re retired or work at home, put on your fitness garb first thing in the morning. If you work or volunteer outside the home, bring your workout clothes with you and dress out before leaving the workplace. Being dressed and ready to go can mean the difference between a sure bet and an unfortunate regret.

2.  Start the Music

If you like working out to music, have your earbuds and playlist handy and turn on your music before hitting the gym or Pilates studio.

3.  +Fuel Up

Keep a favorite protein bar and sports drink in your backpack, gym bag or purse, and make a point to fuel up and hydrate.

4.  Set Your Alarm

Schedule your workout and set your phone alarm to go off 15 or 20 minutes beforehand.

5.  Promise a Partner

Invite a friend to work out with you at a specific time of day. Agree to take a fitness class together or go for a walk, hike or run. For extra insurance, have the friend pick you up.


tenaz deltoid mach

Tenaz Athletics is offering a special discount to my followers of 30% off plus free shipping with discount code FRIEND30 at checkout.

This top was offered by the company for review.  I just loved it (much more than I thought I would) and couldn’t think of anything to criticize about it.  You can follow Tenaz on social media for tips and inspiration.  

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