How to Create Colorful Outfits This Fall



Valentino Couture Fall 2017
Valentino Couture Fall 2017

Often, the older women get the freer they feel to experiment with colors and shapes to express their true selves.  Color can also make you look younger not only with the exuberant use of color but also by bringing out the best in your features.  However, age doesn’t matter.  Don’t we all want to have fun with color and look better because of it?  With that in mind, my list that combines Pantone’s Fall Colors 2017 (at bottom) is freely experimental.  Have fun with it! Continue reading “How to Create Colorful Outfits This Fall”

How to Easily Chart Out Colorful Outfits

A color chart is a fun tool to use as a starting point when creating outfits.  You can mix colors to your heart’s content to express your true self, or use the chart I have put together for you below.  When using the chart, just choose a piece of clothing in a basic color and see what colors are indicated to go with it.  Color is art, and art is beauty.  You can consider yourself a work of art every day; age doesn’t matter.  Have fun!

Angie Cox of the fashion blog commented after viewing the Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collections, “As far as colours go, I saw it all. Colours seemed to be making a stronger statement than neutrals. From the happiest brights, merriest mid-tones and softest pastels, through to earth tones like mustard, jewel tones like emerald, and greyish mid-tones like mauve, sage green, and air-force blue. They’re remixed in all sorts of combinations, so having a high affinity to colour mixing is in your favour.”

The following chart can help simplify your color choices. Continue reading “How to Easily Chart Out Colorful Outfits”

A New Perspective on Holiday Outfit Colors

tree dress
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To get in the holiday feeling, you can add holiday colors to your outfits every day.  Certain color combinations just fit right in to holiday get-togethers of all sorts.

Of course, we all know about red and green.  But rather than true red with true green, try opening yourself up to any shade of red and any shade of green.  Your reds can range from pinks to deep burgundy and from mint to forest green.  Include blue greens, wine, marsala, coral red, etc.  For instance, you might try army green with burgundy:

A variation of the Christmas colors red and green.

The above picture is from an article, “5 Beautiful Outfit Color Combinations for the Holidays,” on the blog  Here are the other four color themes you will find in that blog post:

  • All nude
  • Red and gray
  • Silver and blue
  • Black and gold

I was delighted to find this article and wanted to share the link with you!  Click on the caption above to see all of the examples of these colors.

blue green and red

Variation of red and green: blue-green and red

How to Wear Summer Colors until the First Day of Fall

quartz and serenity
Quartz and Serenity – Spring/Summer colors

When Pantone came out with their spring colors of the year, I told you they were my best colors.  That was because according to my testing through Carol Jackson’s book Color Me Beautiful (CMB), I determined that the colors that looked best on me were from the Spring palette. Continue reading “How to Wear Summer Colors until the First Day of Fall”

Introducing Spring 2016 Colors and How to Use Them

Pantone Spring 2016
FLORAL FANTASY pinned from

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to start wearing brighter, lighter clothes.  If you haven’t already seen the Spring color palette being promoted by Pantone Color Institute, here are the top ten colors:

Pantone Spring 2016 Colors
From Pantone Color Institute

Any of these colors that don’t work for you can go a shade up or down, so that it’s close but suits you better.  Of the colors here that do suit you, go ahead and get them in solids or prints.  Mix and match.

According to test results from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson, my coloring looks best in Spring colors.  So these colors will all look great on me.  But what if your best colors are from Summer, Autumn or Winter palettes?

The usual advice is to buy accessories in colors that are not your best so that they are not right next to your face.  But after comparing the seasonal color palettes, I have come up with an idea about which of these colors can fit each of the other seasonal palettes.  (You’d just have to determine your best season, though.)  Give these a try: Continue reading “Introducing Spring 2016 Colors and How to Use Them”

Pulling the Shades: Color Chart

window curtainCurtains

Colors that Harmonize with the Basic Color of Your Garment

Basic Color – Pale             Secondary Color

White……………………………Black & all the dark and bright shades

Pale beige……………………….Black, browns, reds, greens

Pale gray………………………..Browns, dark greens, dark gray, red

Sky blue…………………………Browns, dark greens, raspberry, purple, beige, dark gray

Pink………………………………Beige, purple, navy, gray

Pale yellow……………………..Black, navy, brown, gray

Mauve……………………………Plum, brown, navy

Pale green………………………Dark green, red Continue reading “Pulling the Shades: Color Chart”