How to Get Designer Clothes at a Discount

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I met Janice in Detroit’s New Center on a workday looking glam.  I discovered that she was dressed to go straight from work to a night out.  I asked if I could get a photo of her and noticed the MK for Michael Kors on her tunic.  So we started talking about designer clothes.

I never bothered to buy designer clothes because I was always on a budget.  And besides, I felt that I could create my outfits endlessly and artistically with any clothes and look rich.  It just didn’t matter to me.

I asked Janice where she buys designer clothes, and she said she only buys designer items when she can get them discounted.  She finds them at Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, and Macy’s on sale.  She said, “20-30% is not good enough;  if there is a 50-60-70% off sale, then yes.”  I do the same thing as far as sales go; when I scan sales, I feel that they are not worth it unless they offer at least 40% off.

Sometimes, she goes to the Michael Kors store at Somerset Mall, but only buys MK if she finds it discounted somewhere.  “I like that he’s an American designer,” she said.

Michael Kors Outlet at Great Lakes Crossing

“I’m inclined to buy great designer blazers for work at Burlington.  They go with anything.  I have moods…sometimes I like something conservative, sometimes I prefer something funky.”

Recently at Macy’s she found a Vince Camuto dress that was on sale.  She combined the sale price with a coupon she had.  “Isn’t it fun finding the bargains like this?”

One day at T.J. Maxx, Janice happened upon a pair of hot heels by Nine West:  a short-hair zebra-print pair of open-toe heels with blue trim around the soles.  They just happened to be in her size for just $40.  She said, “They are so gorgeous, they could be put on a mantel over the fireplace,” (which is what she went there to look for in the first place).  😉

She buys reasonably-priced clothes from QVC designer Susan Graver and gets jeans for mature women from HSN designer Diane Gilman.

“I love a statement piece in costume jewelry,” Janice said, “because it transforms an outfit.”  Locally, she goes to Glitz & Ears Boutique on Garfield near 18 Mile Road in Clinton Township, Michigan.  “It’s great for gifts, and great for necklaces.

“Accessories can make or break an outfit,” said Janice.  Oh, yes, how true that is!

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