How to Get Good at Layering Bracelets

I love layering:  layering clothes, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anything!  But that doesn’t mean I do it very often or that I’m good at it.  It takes some playing around.  I need tutoring and inspiration.  Perhaps you do, too!  Age doesn’t matter.  So here goes an exploration into how we can layer bracelets…

To layer bracelets, use a basic or intricate bracelet to start.  Add a color with something that has an element that’s in the first bracelet.  Add a different style, like a friendship bracelet or studs.  Keep a color or metal theme.  The trick is to mix style and metals and yet keep them cohesive.

When layering bracelets, the thinnest ones go on the outsides, and the narrowest goes toward the elbow.  When stacking oversize bangles, put the largest at the bottom/wrist as a base for the others to slide against; put the snuggest closest to your elbow to flatter your forearm.

Friendship bracelets are very user-friendly because they add contrast and color.

Here are some tips:  1) Choose a basic color scheme.  2) Or, add a pop of color to a wrist full of gold or silver.  3) Mix metals.  4) Try different textures.  Work in a couple of unexpected pieces.  5) Keep it simple.  Stack your bracelets on just one wrist.  You can add another bold touch like statement shoes, but a mostly minimal outfit lets your bracelets shine.  6) Work around one centerpiece, like a bold watch or chunky bracelet.  7) Layer big with little.  8)

Arm Party
A big watch with a couple of bracelets in the same metal but with varying textures.


  1. Stack a luxe watch with a few bracelets.  Vary the size and shape, sparkle and shine.
  2. The simplest thing to do is to wear narrow gold bangles in twos, three, or fours.
  3. Mix silver bracelets with gold and/or colors.
  4. Mix gold bangles with colored, beaded and Indian bangles.
  5. Wear at least six thin 18-carat gold bangles.  Mix inexpensive and real if you like.  It’s good to go vintage here.
  6. Stack smooth, sculptural bracelets in metallic hues or solid colors.
  7. A gold cuff bracelet + a couple of fine, gold bracelets.
  8. Take a gold cuff and add varied narrow gold bangles.  May also add a couple of friendship bracelets.  Add two or three rings.  This can be done in all silver instead, or mix gold and silver.
  9. Pile on silver ethnic bracelets with silver rings.
  10. An etched silver cuff + a 14k gold chain bracelet.
  11. Take a bangle inlaid with gold, and add a narrow gold bangle on each side.  Then add a pair of matching bangles, one on each side — Or — another narrow and medium gold bangle on each side.
  12. Delicate:  Feminine, understated bracelets are more interesting when piled together.
  13. Two tight cuffs in the same metal + a loose bangle in between.
  14. Two gold bangles + a brown with inlaid gold bangle in the middle.
Jewellery Jewelry Gold Silver Bracelets Bracelet
Gold & Silver Bracelets – Max Pixel CC0


  1. For Spring and Summer:  Leather bracelets + color.  For instance, try a leather & metal bracelet with a bracelet made of colored stones.
  2. With gray, brown or navy day clothes, wear a wood bangle or cuff with a tiger-eye bracelet or a couple of gold bangles, or wear wood with green bangles.
  3. Light and dark wood bangles + gold bangles in between and around them.
  4. An ivory bangle between two wooden bangles, or brown beaded bracelets.
  5. Wear an ivory cuff with wood or gold bangle(s).
  6. Thin gold bangles around wooden bangles.  May add a big gold bracelet to the mix.
  7. Brown leather bracelets with bead bracelets.
  8. A wooden bangle + a colorful Indian bangle.
  9. A wooden bracelet + a hammered brass bangle.
  10. A wood & gold bracelet + a tiger-eye bracelet or a carnelian bracelet.
  11. Tie a long piece of cording around your wrist several times to make a bracelet.
  12. Pair a brown leather wrap bracelet with a brass cuff.  May add a little chain bracelet in between.
  13. A brown watch with gold cuffs, chains, bangles.
  14. Wood + brown beads.
  15. Copper cuff or bangle + brown beads or wood.
  16. Mix brown bangles with silver.
  17. A copper cuff + a dark wooden bangle.
  18. A copper cuff + a brown beaded bracelet.
  19. A leather wrap bracelet + two or three other metal bracelets (like gold).

    layered bracelets group
    Bracelet stacking options in a natural, neutral theme.


  1. From the wrist back, layer a friendship bracelet, a thick chain, a big bangle and a cuff.
  2. Layer friendship bracelets with etched gold bracelets.  Add two or three rings.
  3. Mix friendship bracelets with gold and silver bracelets.
  4. One or more friendship bracelets + a charm bracelet.
  5. Friendship bracelets + bracelets in colors toned to them + narrow metal and/or chain bracelets.
  6. Wear all the friendship bracelets you have at once.  May add other bracelet(s) and/or cuff(s) in between or at the edge.
  7. A chunky gold bracelet + two or three friendship bracelets.
  8. Friendship bracelets + metal bangles.
Bangle Fashion Diamonds Bracelet Jewelry Glamour
Bangles with inlaid diamonds – Max Pixel CC0


  1. A vivid array of bangles can add personality to your closet basics.
  2. Mix bangles and beads.
  3.  Pile on a slew of skinny bangles, all mixed up.
  4. Mix turquoise and gold bangles.
  5. Start with a shiny, carved bangle that fits loosely at the wrist to balance a wide cuff that should be snug but airy, like a cutout.
  6. A brass bangle + two narrow Indian bangles in bright colors.
  7. Two similar cuffs or bangles with a different kind of bracelet in between (the narrowest toward the elbow).
  8. Two cuffs and a metal bangle on one wrist.
  9. Mix modern and rustic bangles on both arms, all the way up to the elbows.
  10. Rustic bangles (in either shape or color) + one modern.
  11. Two woven bangles + three to six gold bangles, etched or smooth.
  12. Mother-of-pearl bangle + gold bangles on each side of it + black studded bangles on each side of that.

layered bracelets


  1. Mix opposites, like friendship bracelets with rhinestones.
  2. Mix lots of thinner cuffs together.
  3. Mix chain and stone bracelets.
  4. Mix fine, delicate pieces with bolder costume jewelry.
  5. Monochrome:  Stack bracelets of the same color.
  6. Stack all your bracelets of the same type, like beaded bangles or gold bracelets, for instance.  Then add two or three rings.
  7. Beads, prints, etc. in the same palette and pattern.
  8. Up to seven brightly colored bracelets with a wide gold bangle thrown in.
  9. Take one or more beaded bracelets and add gold bracelets on each side.  Add two or three rings.
  10. Turquoise beads with a charm bracelet.
  11. Pile on all your blingy bracelets at once.  May put on both wrists.  May include a rhinestone cuff or even some friendship bracelets.
  12. A crystal tennis bracelet with a friendship bracelet.
  13. A huge statement cuff + a more delicate bracelet…it may even be a friendship bracelet.
  14. For a Rock & Roll vibe, think beyond studs: anything spiky or chain-like looks just as tough.
  15. Thin, woven bracelets intertwined with gold/metal, diamonds/crystals and small charms.


(Click on the following links for the above items:  thirdtimecharms, ocean mist bracelet stack, and layers of color bracelet.)

I hope this was helpful!  It was for me; I now have a basic understanding of how to successfully mix up my bracelet collection.  And I like having the ideas all in one place for those times that I want to come up with something.

Please let us know how you stack your bracelets in the comments below.  Share this post with friends who would appreciate and benefit from it.  Follow Your True Self Blog on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  

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