How to Make Your Lipstick Colors Look Spectacular

Trying to find the right color lipsticks isn’t easy, even if you try them on in the store before getting home.  The lighting is different, and it can be disappointing to discover that you don’t love the color like you thought you did.  Age doesn’t matter.  It still happens unless you can just buy your favorite over and over without the company ever discontinuing it and just give up trying new colors!  The temptation is that there are new ones every season.  😉  Well, you can take things into your own hands and mix your own colors!

As you can see in my feature photo, I have a basket of EXTRA makeup that I hardly ever use, or the colors didn’t work for me.  So I always use the same makeup every day that works and I love best.  It would be nice to use all those excess lipsticks if I knew how to mix them for color correction.  So let’s see what I can do about that…

Back when I thought my coloring was warm, I was at Victoria’s Secret looking at lipsticks.  The sales girl wanted me to try the “perfect” plum-colored lipstick.  I knew it would be too dark and it was.  So she found a gold gloss, we slicked it over the top, and it was just perfectly beautiful!  At the time, I didn’t know that plum shades go perfectly with my cool coloring.  Now that I know, I’ll have to use something different than gold to lighten up my dark lipsticks.

Bite beauty
Bite Beauty Opal Creme Lipstick

So, I put lip gloss on top of a dark color lipstick.  If you want to lighten a dark color with lipstick rather than gloss, start off with the lighter color first and then add the darker one bit by bit with your finger or a brush.  Instead of applying two or more lipsticks separately, you can also melt or mash together your colors and put them into a palette or an empty lip balm container.


Here are some things you can do to change colors to your liking:

  • Yellow, green, blue or white will alter your lipstick colors.
  • White or yellow lightens lipsticks.  The first thing I thought of was silver instead of gold to lighten dark hues.  There are also opal colors that would work as well.
  • Blue or plum or burgundy darkens them.
  • You can also use a frost to lighten.
  • Yellow or gold warms up anything that’s too icy, cool or bluish.  And you can even use eyeshadow if you don’t have yellow lipstick!
  • Blue cools down overly warm colors.  You can use it to create purpley-pinks, plums, deep reds, and purples.  Add blue to pink to make the perfect Autumn plum shade!
  • To neutralize red, pink, peach or orange shades that are too bright, dab on some green.  You can also create your perfect nude lip color with it if you mix the right amount with your bright lipstick.
  • You can even wear blue or green alone for a daring evening look!
Macaron Lippies

Of course, you can mix and match the colors you already have, any way you want.  Have fun!

You can read more about “How to Custom Mix Your Lipsticks” here.

Special thanks to Michelle Collins for her knowledge and expertise on makeup.

Do you have any makeup blends that you have created yourself?  If so, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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