About Me

My name is Angie. I started this blog because I began to see the infinite possibilities of creating artful clothing combinations out of my own closet.  I’d love to share these endless ideas with you!  I believe in a healthy lifestyle and strive for that in my choices everyday.  I am now over 60 and want to show you how age doesn’t matter when it comes to expressing your free spirit:  the you that always was, is and will be. 

I live in Detroit with my husband, Russ, and my cat, Nala (who is extremely demanding).  Russ has chosen to live here for over 30 years to work on behalf of social justice issues.  I have chosen to stay here by his side out of love for this good man and his good work.

I have gone from poet and improvisational performance artist to full-time earth mother to creating infinite outfit combinations for fun and relaxation.  In between, I worked in the arts field and in the public sector.

I am inspired by always wearing something put together differently, in endlessly new ways.  I am expressing my true self more and more.  I consider clothes to be wearable art.

I am artistic, and have a talent for writing and drawing.  I’ve produced poetry shows and was a founding member of a multi-media, improvisational performance art group for 25 years.  I feel lucky that when I joined Russ in Detroit in the 1980’s, I was able to be part of the counter-cultural, underground artist network that was thriving in the Cass Corridor area.  It was an exciting time for creative artists, where we were breaking boundaries in our work.

I am passionate about the health and welfare of my loved ones, and all life forms on this planet—human life, animal life, plant life.

I started this blog because I wanted to work in fashion editing without having to relocate.  I’ve since discovered that the best style is an expression of your body, mind and spirit.