How to Look and Feel Festive Every Day of the Season

Starting with Thanksgiving and leading all the way to New Year’s Day, I like to give an air of festivity to what I wear every single day.  I also like to wear Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil during the holiday season.  Why don’t you try adding holiday colors, bling and scents every day of the season?  It creates a joyful mood. Try adding a little more color and shine to your everyday outfits. Age doesn’t matter. What matters is that it makes you look and feel good.

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20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I would like to introduce you to myself with one of those fun quizzes where you tell what your favorite things are…except I don’t have a quiz in front of me so I’m going to make a list of the first things that come to my head.  If you like, send us things that pop into your head about yourself by adding your comment below this article.  Let’s share!

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What’s the Coat that Will Make You Warm and Glamorous?

mongolian fur
Religion Maxi Coat in Faux Mongolian Fur from ASOS

I was reading a blog post about warm winter coats, and by the end of it I was amazed that all they talked about was puffer coats!  What about fur?  (Remember to always buy faux fur to protect animals.)  I believe fur is just as warm, and looks better, too!  Age doesn’t matter.  We can all look good and feel good in a warm fur.

If you’re looking to buy a new winter coat, you might want to take a look at some faux furs and treat yourself to a luxurious look.  There are many affordable options nowadays.

Although I realize we may tend to save our fur coats for evenings and special events, that’s simply not necessary.  There are fur coats that are more casual that can be dressed down during the day as well as dressed up during the evening.  That way you can look like a million on the daily.  And it’s great for the party season that ushers in Winter!

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40 Remarkable Ways to Look Terrific in a Faux Fur Vest

Fur vest with white blouse and jeans

A faux fur vest is a good piece to have for Fall.  You can actually wear one any time of year, and age doesn’t matter.  It adds a layer of warmth over your clothes or over a jacket in winter, and can be used as an extra layer under your coat.  When you add a coat over a fur vest, you will be super warm on the coldest days of the year.  Just be sure it’s not bulky!

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How to Gain A New Perspective on Holiday Outfit Colors

At Christmas time, what colors come to mind?  Red and green, right?  But there are other holiday colors as well.  What if true red and true green are not colors that look best on you?  Age doesn’t matter.  What matters is what you love and what looks best on you.  Think of the beautiful, artistically decorated Christmas trees and lights…blue and white, silver and gold, etc.  Maybe some other set of colors is more you.  Let’s take a look at holiday color combinations to wear besides the usual red and green…

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How to Get Festive for Thanksgiving, with 20 Outfits

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A tunic dress + skinnies + a long pendant…and let your hair be messy!

This Thanksgiving, get dressed for yourself.  You can wear something casual or wear something fancy or just wear something you love.  But let it make you happy and express what’s inside of you — feeling thankful for yourself, your loved ones and all of the wonderful things in your life.  Age doesn’t matter; be your true self!

Something loose, not fitted, is called for when joining with family and close friends for a relaxing Thanksgiving feast.  It’s a casually intimate evening, but it’s also the beginning of the holidays.  So even if it’s game night, you can wear something nicer than usual if you feel like it!

The first thing that might come to mind is a sweater and jeans, but wouldn’t it be nice to add a touch of bling?  Or, you could wear a dressy top with your comfiest jeans.  Or you could wear jeans and a t-shirt and then layer pearl necklaces with your favorite chains and charm necklaces.  A tunic or caftan top is forgiving; and if you are the hostess, a long caftan is comfy and sweepingly special.  Choose what’s uniquely you.

Here are some ways you might like to simply add a special touch to a normal everyday outfit:  a glittery headband (bonus:  instantly your hair is done!), a leopard or metallic scarf, a faux fur scarf or vest, a statement piece of jewelry, or metallic shoes.

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How to Be Absolutely Radiant as You Get Older

Radiant Book
Naturally effective prescriptions for rejuvenation

“What prize is earned from having youthful, balanced hormones, a clean-machine body, expanded emotions and a conscious connection to one’s “true self”?  It is having a special form of radiance permeate and expand you.  This radiance exudes an energy that is magnetic.  You shine, sizzle, entice and seduce.  Regardless of your weight, body type, profession or marital status, people will be drawn to you, court you and vie for your attention.  I call this integrated state ‘Feminine Radiance.'” – Dr. Prudence Hall

As a member of the Facebook group, Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution, I recently traveled to New York City to meet fellow bloggers at a style event hosted by Chico’s.  Each of us received a goody bag from our host, containing the following products:  a Luna Stretch Reversible Bracelet from Chico’s, a charcoal masque by Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven, day and night cream by Simply Venom, and the book Radiant Again & Forever by Prudence Hall, M.D.

I have just finished the book, and feel that it is important to let you know about the holistic ways that Dr. Hall has found to reverse the aging process at a cellular level.  She treats the whole person — body, mind and spirit.  Once you achieve that, age doesn’t matter; it’s just a number.  Life only gets better.

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How to Look Classy When You Go Out for the Evening This Fall

This list of outfit ideas took me longer than usual to compile for you.  I worked all day and evening for days.  These ideas are the result of many years of coming home after work and sitting down with the news on TV, a drink, a candle and the cats to just relax.  My favorite way of relaxing was to come up with ideas on how to combine the clothes I had.  I finally realized there are infinite combinations, and decided to share them with you!

When the weather gets cold, there are certain items that come in handy for numerous evening looks.  Age doesn’t matter.  Just choose the pieces that work best for you!

Fall begins with casual evenings, and then holiday parties of all sorts start rolling in.  Here are the evening pieces I find that I use over and over, along with my ideas for how to wear them.  When the holidays are here, take a look at my holiday posts:  Over 100 Evening Looks for Holiday Events and A New Perspective on Holiday Outfit Colors.

These lists are handy for when you want to decide what to buy for your evening wardrobe, or to inspire you when you don’t know what to wear.  You don’t need all of these items, especially if you like a minimal wardrobe…just pick and choose from what you like best.  These are just ideas I’m sharing with you.  I like to check off of the list what I wore, and just keep the outfits on the list (maybe with a star) that looked best.

You might like to print these lists out and keep the printout as a pamphlet handy in your closet.  To make it easier for you to do that, I am limiting the amount of photos so they don’t get in the way so much when you print.  If you prefer more photos, let me know in the comments section.

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How to Be Ageless in Body, Mind and Spirit

Yesterday, I was wishing my cousin a happy birthday despite the fact that her mother had just died.  She replied, “I’m glad we’re still having them.”  We want to still have them for a long time to come, and we want them to be healthy and happy too.

In a “Natural Awakenings” magazine article entitled Ageless Being:  Staying Vibrant in Mind, Body and Spirit by Kathleen Barnes, the author begins with quotes by Christiane Northrup, M.D.   She is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Dr. Northrup often says, “Don’t tell anyone how old you are. Another birthday means nothing.”  As I always say, age doesn’t matter!  So I’d like to explore here what we can do to live a long, fulfilling life.

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