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13 Ways to Stop Computers from Aging You

Is your computer aging you?  Age doesn’t matter, because cosmetic surgeons claim that they are seeing more and more younger patients showing signs of aging.  These include accelerated fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, turkey neck, deep wrinkles, and jowls.  In September 2010, the Daily Mail published an interesting report. According to a leading cosmetic surgeon, professionals who sit for hours in front of the computer—and who tend to squint, frown, or remain in one position for a long period of time—are at a greater risk for the appearance of premature aging.  But there are many things you can do to prevent this from happening. Continue Reading

How to Get Designer Clothes at a Discount

Blk&Silver Day2Eve
Age doesn’t matter when you sparkle with energy!

I met Janice in Detroit’s New Center on a workday looking glam.  I discovered that she was dressed to go straight from work to a night out.  I asked if I could get a photo of her and noticed the MK for Michael Kors on her tunic.  So we started talking about designer clothes. Continue Reading

How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase


packing cubes
Packing cubes by En Tsai on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If you’re going out of town for the holiday and need some tips to get everything to fit in your bag (age doesn’t matter, we all face this dilemma), I have a great 10-step process for you!

I just went on a vacation with my husband for our 35th wedding anniversary. I always pack too much “just in case.”  I actually did remove a number of things before packing this time, but it was still a tight fit.  I haven’t even tried the packing cubes yet, but I love how the technique shown below works! Continue Reading

The Secrets of How to Live to 100

You're never too old

I don’t know about you, but I want to have lifelong health for at least 100 years or beyond!  There are plenty of role models in this world letting us know that age doesn’t matter; it doesn’t have to stop movement, exploration, learning, beauty, self-expression.  Your true self is love, it’s wisdom, and it doesn’t stop.

With that in mind, I am presenting links to articles and videos on centenarians and how they made it to age 100 or more. Continue Reading

How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Products


In regards to your true self, age doesn’t matter.  You are who you are, your spirit is ageless, you can have lifelong health and make the most of what you have.  You just have to use it or you lose it!

But in regards to makeup, it just isn’t made to last.  Red lipstick gets rusty-looking, mascara gets gloppy and dried out, moisturizer turns moldy and smelly.  If you don’t use it, just lose it! Continue Reading

How to Build a Spring/Summer Time-Tested Survival Wardrobe

Now that you have your winter wardrobe put away for the season (or soon, anyway…), it’s time to make sure you have the basic items you need for your spring and summer wardrobe.  Maybe you already have all or most of them.  I’m not one for paring my clothes down into a capsule wardrobe, but I do believe in having all the basics you’ll need.  Therefore, I’ll provide a list here of what you need to have on hand for the warm seasons to create outfits for every occasion.  Age doesn’t matter because all of these items are classic basics that are essentials that will go with everything else. Continue Reading

Link Love: How to Pack a Streamlined Makeup Bag

cosmetic bag
My simple little cosmetics bag from Target

For girls on the go, age doesn’t matter when it comes to the need for a streamlined little makeup bag to keep everything at your fingertips. The article from The Zoe Report, “How to Pack a Streamlined Makeup Bag,” caught my eye awhile back and I didn’t actually try out the advice until the other day.  I can always use more ways to organize everything and anything in my life.  It keeps me sane.

I’ve been toting around with me an ever-growing and overflowing makeup bag (or two – one in the car and one in my handbag).  Lately, I just chucked all that into a basket and tried to grab what I needed on my way out the door…which meant I didn’t always end up with what I needed and had to do without.

I just re-sorted my one little makeup bag according to the instructions in this report, and voila!  It all fits perfectly and I have whatever I might need.  Genius!  And my bag is half the size of the one in the video, too!  🙂

Here is the link:

Enjoy!  And please let me know how this works for you.  🙂

— Angie

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How to Find the Jeans You’ll Love

7 for all mankind
7 for All Mankind

My last article was “How to Make Jeans and a Tee Look More Interesting”.  Now I am presenting ideas to help you find the right jeans for you.

Old Navy

One day I was working on a project with a group of twenty-somethings.  One of the young women gasped at an alert that came on her cell phone and said,  “Old Navy is having a sale!  I’m going to have to go there after work.  They are the only place that has jeans that fit me.”  Her body shape was totally different than mine, but I decided I would also go after work and see if they had the magical perfect pair of jeans for me, too.  She said they had lots of different styles and cuts.  Jeans are a basic classic item that goes with anything.  Age doesn’t matter; I consider a pair of jeans to be essential to every wardrobe! Continue Reading

Does Professional Advice Guarantee an Organized Closet?

Photo from “8 Steps to Clean Out Your Closet and Reset Your Style”

Well, we’re nearing the end of October, and the weather is just starting to get a little chilly.  It’s about time to pull out your sweaters and warm, cozy clothes and put away the summer-only clothes.  So a little closet clean-up is probably in order.

My closet isn’t like the beautiful, perfect ones you see online; but it’s not messy like the one above, either!  I have always changed over my closet twice a year from winter to spring and then from summer to fall.  I take out the out-of-season clothes and store them; then I move the clothes needed for the coming season into the closet where I can reach them.

I’ve tried many of the little tricks that are advised for closet organization.  Here they are, and here’s what I thought of them:

The organizing trick:  turn the hangers all one way, and then after you wear each piece, turn the hanger the opposite way.  At the end of the season, see which items of clothing  you didn’t wear and get rid of them.

Are you crazy?!  I couldn’t get rid of them.  And this is why:  there were various reasons why some perfectly good and well-loved clothes did not get worn.

First of all, the heating and cooling system at work was leaving the place overheated.  I needed to use my summer wardrobe all year.  That doesn’t mean I will never need my winter clothes again!

Secondly, I got transferred to a different division at work and no longer needed to wear conservative business attire.  That doesn’t mean I will never need my suits and dresses again!

So the final verdict is that rule didn’t work for me.

The beautiful closet:  organize by color.

This made my closet prettier, more like closets look on blogs and websites.  It no longer looked like a hodgepodge of colors and patterns (although it was already divided into categories of tops, skirts, pants, cover-ups, tunics, sweaters, etc.).  However, it wasn’t as easy for me to use as it had been with my habit of rotating the clothes that I wore to the end.  I like variety, and having the things not worn in awhile at the beginning made it much easier for me to create new outfits without repetition.  So final verdict:  organizing by color is pretty but not as user friendly for me.

Personal tip from me:  instead of turning hangers backwards and forwards for what has been worn or not, try choosing your clothes from one end of the closet rod and rotating them to the other end after wearing them.

Hangers:  Replace hangers with higher quality hangers of all one type and one color.

I sure was tired of the wire and plastic store hangers getting tangled up with each other!  I started buying the velvet hangers in black.  Having hangers all the same type and color looks nicer, the slim shape of these hangers fit more on the closet rod, the velvet keeps the clothes from slipping off the hanger, and the curved end keeps from causing bumps in the clothing material.  I like them so much that my thoughtful husband bought me another set as a surprise.  Final verdict:  these are a keeper!

Closet organizing tip:  shelf dividers.

I stack sweaters on the polished wooden shelving that my husband made in the walk-in closet he built.  Every now and then, a stack of sweaters (or more, in a domino effect) slide off the shelf.  What a frustrating mess!  I now plan to buy shelf dividers to keep folded sweaters neat and in place.  I hope it works!

Extra bonus tip from me:  stuff boots to keep their shape.

I use empty paper towel cardboard tubes to put inside my tall boots so that they stand up straight and don’t fall over in the closet.  It works!

What tricks have you tried to get your closet organized?  Do you have the perfect closet?  I’d be interested to know!  Leave a comment below.  I invite you to sign up for e-mails to get my blog posts on fashion and fitness straight to your in-box every Monday.