How to Look and Feel Festive Every Day of the Season

Starting with Thanksgiving and leading all the way to New Year’s Day, I like to give an air of festivity to what I wear every single day.  I also like to wear Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil during the holiday season.  Why don’t you try adding holiday colors, bling and scents every day of the season?  It creates a joyful mood. Try adding a little more color and shine to your everyday outfits. Age doesn’t matter. What matters is that it makes you look and feel good.

Frankincense-Myrrh essential oil from Floracopeia

Frankincense has a wonderful woody scent that can help promote feelings of calm, peace, and happiness.  It also has powerful anti-aging and skin rejuvenating effects. And I never knew until now, while writing this article! I might try adding it to my face and body lotions, shampoo and conditioner, whatever….For more about how to use frankincense in your skin products, see “How to Get a Fresh Face with Frankincense” on Hello Glow.  Myrrh is used for aromatherapy and for healing the skin. For more about myrrh, consult Mercola. If you decide to use essential oils, try a patch test on your skin first as everyone is different.

peacock blue tunic from Sundance
Peacock blue tunic from Sundance

For color, wear something red, peacock blue, purple, silver or gold.  Incorporate red where you would have usually chosen black.

statement earrings
Adia Kibur Gemstone Drop Earrings from Urban Outfitters

With a simple outfit, just add bling.  Or, wear a dressier top than usual with simple bottoms; or dressier pants or skirt or with a simple top.  Or if you usually wear jeans or pants every day, go ahead and wear a comfortable skirt, short or long. Or, you might even want to throw a velvet kimono over what you’re wearing. Or, just put on something you would usually reserve for another occasion. It’s a good time to let people ask, “Why are you all dressed up?” Because at this time, you have an excuse: it’s the holiday season!

Bling includes embellished cardigans or blazers, statement jewelry, sparkly hair ornaments including jeweled headbands, sparkly scarves or shawls, snazzy shoes and bags, sparkly belts.  Anything that sparkles goes!

ruffled vest
Adreana Ruffled Vest from Anthropologie

Choose a velvet or ruffled top or an embellished t-shirt or sweater to go with your usual jeans.  Slip a lacy camisole or tank under a shirt left open as a jacket. Or add a lace scarf to whatever you’re wearing for the day.

embellished tote
Candide Embellished Tote from Free People

Add a metallic, leopard-print or crystal-studded purse to an all-black outfit. It’s okay to go ahead and use your gold evening bag during the day if you like. Think of it as being the same kind of thing as wearing sequins for day. Now is a good time for that, too!

black fur scarf
ALDO Pacitto Long Faux Fur Scarf from ASOS

The same goes with faux fur. Feel free to wear your fur coat (always faux) on cold days instead of saving it for evenings out. Don’t forget your fur vest or fur scarf wherever you go as well. Or just add a sparkly brooch to your day coat or hat.

Do you have any ideas to add?  Let us know in the comments below!

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