How to Use Embellishment in Evening Outfits

embellished blazer
Embellished Blazer and Tank from Creation L. 

This is the sixth in a series of dressing up for evening events.    The preceding articles were:  1) “How to Wear Velvet Now for All Your Special Occasions”; 2) “How to Dress Up Your Little Black Dress”; 3) “Secrets of How to Look Special on Easy Evenings” ; 4) “How to Look Sensational for Special Evenings”; and 5) “What to Wear Out to the Restaurant.” 

Embellished articles of clothing can make an ordinary outfit spectacular.  Choose from embellished blouses, sweaters, tunic tops, cardigans, jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses.  Age doesn’t matter because you can get these pieces in any shape, size and style that you love and that looks good on you.

Classic ways to use embellished pieces are:

  1. Dress up sleek black pants with a metallic, beaded or ruffled top.
  2. A sequined top can go over a pair of party-right trousers.
  3. Pair an embellished tunic with black leggings.
  4. An embellished top can be combined with a skirt or pants in a matching color; or combine the top with black or white skirt or pants; or dress down the top with blue jeans.
  5. And then, there’s always the white tee and jeans which can be dressed up with an embellished jacket or cardigan.
metallic sweataer
Metallic Sweater from Nasy Gal

Shimmering Gold or Silver Tops

  • A shimmering gold tunic + ivory pants or leggings.  Add gold:  earrings, bracelets, shoes.  Or, add a skinny gold sequined scarf tied around neck with ends in front.
  • A gold tunic or long-line embellished cardigan + skinny jeans.
  • A shimmering silver top + a long black skirt.  Add black evening sandals.  You might like to add a turquoise cuff.
  • A pewter t-shirt under a shimmering silver tank or cap-sleeve top + blue jeans.  Add chandelier earrings + narrow silver bangles.  You might like to put your hair up.
  • A shimmering gold or silver top + blue jeans.  Add statement earrings.

Beaded or Embellished Cardigans

  • A beaded cardigan + a long white tank top + skinny jeans or jeggings.
  • An embellished cardigan + a matching shell + white pants.
  • An embellished cardigan + tweed pants + a camisole in a matching color.
  • An embellished cardigan + a camisole and pants in a toned color, or tweed pants.  Add a long gold locket & a long gold chain.
  • An embellished cardigan + a sarong skirt in a matching color.
  • A little black dress + an embellished cardigan.  Add earrings to match the color or embellishment of the cardigan.
embellished cardi
Faux-Fur Collar Lurex Cardigan from Chico’s

Sequined Tops

  • A sequined tunic tank + skinny jeans + heels.  You may add a jacket, trench, tuxedo blazer or jean jacket.
  • A black tunic with sequined edging + navy velvet pants.
  • A sequined tunic (front tuck by pulling across like a semi-wrap) + skinny blue jeans.  Add a gold collar necklace + delicate earrings & rings.
  • A sequined tank top + a skirt.  You may add a jacket, trench, tuxedo blazer or jean jacket.
  •  A blazer + a sequined tank top + jeans.
  • A black sequined tank top + dark trousers.  You may add a jacket, trench, tuxedo blazer or jean jacket.
  • A black sequined tank top + a black cardigan + red trousers.  Add a gold collar necklace + a gold bracelet.
  • A black sequined tank top + a black draping cardigan + black leggings or jeggings.  Add a fine gold necklace & bracelet.
  • A black sequined tank top + black or navy pants + a black draping cardigan.  Add pearls, such as a choker or a pearl medallion on a black cord.
  • A black sequined tank top or a shimmering tank + dark-rinse blue jeans + a tuxedo blazer.  Add black ankle boots.  Add a dressy clutch.
  • A sequined top + blue jeans or white pants.  Add a sparkly bracelet.
  • A sequined top + matching color pants.  Add bangles.
  • A sequined top + matching color cargo pants.  You may want to tuck just the front.  Add major drop earrings.
  • A sequined top tucked into a tulip skirt or any other skirt.  Add heels.
  • A black sequined top + navy velvet pants.  Add a statement necklace + black satin heels.
  • A black sequined top + black pants.  Add one or more bracelets.
  • A black sequined top + white pants.  Or, a white sequined top + black pants.
  • A black sequined top + black or charcoal pants.  Add a gold & black pendant.
  • A long-sleeve black sequined top over a purple (or other color) camisole + blue jeans.  Add a chunky gold chain necklace and thin gold chain bracelets.
  • A sequined t-shirt over black pants.  Add any type of hoop earrings.
  • A sequined t-shirt + blue jeans.  Add a necklace and one or more bracelets.
sequin tunic
Metallic Sequined Knit Top from Neiman Marcus

Embellished Tops

  • An embellished, fitted top + a lacy maxi-skirt.  Add a couple of tusk pendants + some cool boots for attitude.
  • A black hoodie + an embellished top + black trousers.  Add nice boots.
  • An embellished blouse + blue jeans.  Add peep-toe booties.
  • An embellished sweater + a black velvet skirt.  Add sheer black stockings & heels.
embellished top
Pearl Embellished Fluted Sleeve Ribbed T-shirt from Shein

Sequined Tunics

  • A sequined or embroidered tunic + velvet, snakeskin or embellished leggings.
  • A sequined tunic over a long slim skirt in a column of the same color.
  • A black blazer (classic, leather or zip-up) + a sparkly tunic + cigarette pants.  Add heels.
sequin mesh tunic
Sequin Mesh Tunic Top from Draper’s & Damon’s

Embellished Jackets

  • An embellished jacket + a black shell + black pants.
  • An embellished jacket + a feminine white camisole tucked into blue jeans.
embellished jkt
Embellished Velvet Jacket from Anthropologie

Embellished Vests

  • An embellished vest + a draping tank (tuck in front) + a pencil skirt or other short skirt.  Add a pendant + gold bangles + stud earrings + extra rings + tights + ankle boots.
sequin dress
Studio Variegated Sequin Dress from Eloquii

Sequined Dresses

  • A crystal or sequined dress + a leopard jacket.
  • A crystal-studded or sequined dress + a faux fur vest.
  • A crystal-studded or sequined dress + black opaque stockings + black heels.
sequined skirt
Sequin midi skirt with tie from J. Crew

Embellished Skirts

  • An oversize sweater over an embellished pencil skirt or long, slim, embellished skirt.
  • A black turtleneck + an embellished black skirt.
  • A lacy white tee + an embellished black skirt.
  • An embellished skirt + a matching color blouse.
  • A black top + a red embellished skirt.  Add a necklace.
embellished skirt
Samaira Skirt – Soft Surroundings

Was this helpful? Do you like this series? I didn’t cover embellished pants here; do you have embellished pants, and how do you style them? Let us know in the comments below.

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