What in the World is a Skirt Extender?


Dress extender hem 2I I love bohemian style and fell in love with Free People when they sent a catalog of their unique styles.  I started looking at their blog and really loved the way they wore slips as dresses and as layers, but just couldn’t figure out how to work it into my outfits.  Their outfits were too college-age for me.  For instance, I wasn’t going to wear mini-skirts with over-the-knee socks and sneakers.

Then I started to follow the blog Fashion Fairy Dust.  The blogger, Debbie, often wears slip dresses.  She layers them, something I love to do, and they look appropriate every time.  Then, she wrote a post “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Skirt Extenders.”  Bingo!  Just what I needed!  Great post, Debbie!

I never even knew about the existence of skirt extenders.  But the way she put together slip dresses and skirt extenders were just like the Free People “slip” outfits.  She even uses Free People tunics, etc., in some of her outfits!

I finally decided on getting Debbie’s favorite skirt extender in black, the chiffon high/low extender from Grace and Lace.  I figured it would go with my black tunic sweater from J.Jill (similar to this.)  However, when I was ready to wear the extender one day to work, my sweater was in the laundry.  So I looked in my closet for a black tunic, and the first one that popped up was perfect!  It’s a semi-sheer safari tunic I had gotten from Avon.

Dress extender without smileThey went together like apple pie and ice cream.  Throughout the day, co-workers asked me if it was a dress.  I wore them with dark blue jeggings and ankle boots.

This was my first attempt to wear a skirt extender.  A huge thank-you to Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust for modeling and explaining how to do this!

Have you tried dress or skirt extenders?  It’s likely you’ve used long lace-hemmed tank tops under shorter tops.  Let us know what turned out well in the comments box below!  Also, take a minute to sign up below to get Your True Self Blog sent to your e-mail twice a week, Thursdays and Saturdays, with outfit combinations and health and fitness articles.  Hope to hear from you — Angie   


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