How to Get Festive for Thanksgiving, with 20 Outfits

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A tunic dress + skinnies + a long pendant…and let your hair be messy!

This Thanksgiving, get dressed for yourself.  You can wear something casual or wear something fancy or just wear something you love.  But let it make you happy and express what’s inside of you — feeling thankful for yourself, your loved ones and all of the wonderful things in your life.  Age doesn’t matter; be your true self!

Something loose, not fitted, is called for when joining with family and close friends for a relaxing Thanksgiving feast.  It’s a casually intimate evening, but it’s also the beginning of the holidays.  So even if it’s game night, you can wear something nicer than usual if you feel like it!

The first thing that might come to mind is a sweater and jeans, but wouldn’t it be nice to add a touch of bling?  Or, you could wear a dressy top with your comfiest jeans.  Or you could wear jeans and a t-shirt and then layer pearl necklaces with your favorite chains and charm necklaces.  A tunic or caftan top is forgiving; and if you are the hostess, a long caftan is comfy and sweepingly special.  Choose what’s uniquely you.

Here are some ways you might like to simply add a special touch to a normal everyday outfit:  a glittery headband (bonus:  instantly your hair is done!), a leopard or metallic scarf, a faux fur scarf or vest, a statement piece of jewelry, or metallic shoes.

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How to Be Ageless in Body, Mind and Spirit

Yesterday, I was wishing my cousin a happy birthday despite the fact that her mother had just died.  She replied, “I’m glad we’re still having them.”  We want to still have them for a long time to come, and we want them to be healthy and happy too.

In a “Natural Awakenings” magazine article entitled Ageless Being:  Staying Vibrant in Mind, Body and Spirit by Kathleen Barnes, the author begins with quotes by Christiane Northrup, M.D.   She is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Dr. Northrup often says, “Don’t tell anyone how old you are. Another birthday means nothing.”  As I always say, age doesn’t matter!  So I’d like to explore here what we can do to live a long, fulfilling life.

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How to Transform a Sexy Slip for Every Day

anthro slip dress
Anthropology Satin Jacquard Slip Dress with Birkenstocks and Chambray shirt as jacket, as seen on Polyvore

A slip dress is not only a sexy little slip of a thing.  It can be worn solo in the summer, of course, or when you’re feeling sexy….  But you can do so many other things with it:  layer under and/or over during the fall and winter, adding as many layers as you want.  It makes the slip dress wearable for all.  Age doesn’t matter.

There are dress extenders or skirt extenders that look just like slip dresses and can be used the same way.  See my article on skirt extenders here.

And then there are slip dresses that are like two-fers:  a t-shirt and slip dress all in one piece.  That makes it easier to wear and easier to add more layers!

The easiest thing to do is slip a white tee, short-sleeve or long-sleeve under a slip dress and add casual shoes.  But you can use any color t-shirt, or even a graphic or striped tee.

Junarose layered slip dress from Simply Be

Here’s a list of different pieces to add under and/or over your slip dress.  And then, below this list, you will find over 50 ideas for how to put them together.

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101 Ideas for How to Use Scarves in Your Outfits


Outfit idea from Badass Baby Boomer

My signature piece is the scarf.  I love to add a scarf to what I am wearing because it is the simplest layering piece and an accessory to add color and tie an outfit together (pun not intended :D).  Age doesn’t matter.  Scarves are a basic accessory that anyone can use any way you choose!

I usually just let the ends hang free in front, which adds a vertical line and a little coverage.  Then, I wrap it around my throat if I get chilled.  Or throw it over one shoulder if I get too warm.  Pashminas and shawls are even better because then I can open them up and wrap them around me for warmth when needed.  They can also be worn unfolded and draped around the shoulders like a poncho, which fits in with the trend.  You can throw one side over your shoulder like a cape and pin it; or belt it poncho-style; or belt it over the free-hanging ends in front, under or over your coat.  There are infinite possibilities! Continue reading “101 Ideas for How to Use Scarves in Your Outfits”

Would You Want to Be a Member of the Forever Fierce? I Love It!

Forever Fierce Chico's
Graphic by Beth Briggs

I’m so happy to be a member of Forever Fierce:  The Midlife Revolution Facebook group.  They are so supportive, and there are so many members…not just bloggers but also midlife women who want to connect with each other.  Members have blogs that cover so many ages and so many different styles and topics.

The group started as the Fierce50, but then women in their 40’s, 60’s and 70’s joined as well.  Now the group is broadening yet again with a campaign Bridging the Gap (BtG) between women young and old.  (I might start a group called Sensational60…  Lol!)  Forever Fierce is expanding so much that stylistas in their 20’s through 70’s were at the meetup.  So, Age doesn’t matter anymore!

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How to Get that Free-Spirited Gypsy Style

I love the flowing, eclectic, colorful and embellished outfits put together in the gypsy style.  It’s free-spirited!  You can dress for your true self, and age doesn’t matter.  I often see artistic women of a certain age in multi-color, sweeping skirts with loads of jewelry.

Today’s Gypsy style is like to a global, bohemian style; thus, the offshoot of Gypset — a style adopted by jet-setters who travel the globe.  The modern Gypsy style is an exotic combination of tribal, art deco, hippie, ethnic, gothic,  and of course vintage.

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How to Wear the Popular Athleisure Look

How to rock the athletic wear trend

For fall 2017, the newest athleisure look is the leisure suit.  You’ll be seeing some pretty jazzed up track suit with a luxe look that looks really good with high heels.

The thing is, everybody likes to feel comfortable.  Wearing sweats anywhere you go is so laid back and comfy.  Wearing business clothes or evening clothes that are comfy makes the day or evening that much more enjoyable. Continue reading “How to Wear the Popular Athleisure Look”

How to Be Happy Every Day

I strive to be happy every day, no matter what is happening around me.  The main thing I do is search for the good things in each day, and think about all of the things I appreciate and am grateful for.  I’ve gotten through many difficult times by meditating, using the mantra “om”, and doing yoga and tai chi.  Of course, prayer is another way to rise above adversity.

There are many ways to achieve happiness, and we all have our ways.  But I’m always interested in knowing more about how people get happy.  Every day is another chance to form new habits.  Age doesn’t matter.

Before I share with you the habits that bring joy, I want to quote a powerful reminder of what truly makes us happy.  In “The Simple Guide to Being Wonderful” in Spirituality & Health magazine, Emma Seppala, PhD, concludes: Continue reading “How to Be Happy Every Day”

How to Have Fun with Neutral Tones for Classy, Sexy, Creative Looks


Also see for a nice article on “How to Wear Neutrals”

Neutral colors include black, white, gray, brown and beige.  Neutrals are colors that go with everything, so I’m including navy, indigo and leopard print.  Earth colors are also considered neutral, so I am covering the far reaches of the spectrum such as moss green, rust, and dark chocolate brown as well.

Using these basic colors in your wardrobe anchors your other colors in order to give you flexibility without going overboard.  Age doesn’t matter.  These colors tend to project a classic look and yet help you to be sexy with leopard, for instance, or wildly exuberant without overdoing it.  The charts I present here are a guide, but feel free to experiment and try new combos off the charts. Continue reading “How to Have Fun with Neutral Tones for Classy, Sexy, Creative Looks”